Ladies, if you have not noticed already, the current “it” style for winter is pink. It’s not that women have suddenly gone soft on their mannequins (although they might). Rather, it’s just that pink has taken a huge jump in popularity this year. In fact, fashions in the spring and summer months are often far more vibrant and feminine than you will find in the fall and wintertime. So, how do you wear a pink teddy in an appropriate situation?

Sherpa, Shearling, Faux Fur, Teddy, Shag…call it what you like. Simply say hello to your latest go-to chilly weather teddy coat. From skirt, pants, sweaters and everything else in between, there are so many different ways to flaunt a pink teddy. Here are some of our favourite styles for the spring and summertime.

Western Boots/Dress: For something completely different, try wearing your teddy coat with some jeans. Western boots and denim are both flattering on just about anyone, so feel free to pair your mini dress with boy cut jeans, cropped jeans or even skinny jeans! For a striking look, pair your western boots with a flowing top. A banded dress could be layered underneath with cropped jeans for the perfect Hollywood look.

Baggy Jeans + Leather Skirts: The great thing about faux leather is that it never goes out of style. Faux leather is so versatile you can always find a way to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Pair your faux leather baggy jeans with skinny jeans for the laid back look. Or wear your faux leather baggy jeans with an unstitched cotton shirt under a baseball cap for the preppy look. If you’re feeling really brave, throw on a faux leather jacket over your baggy jeans for that authentic urban look!

Soft & Cozy Sheets: Throw on a cute cardigan as the outerwear for your pink teddy coat. This is the perfect cover up to keep the cold winds of the winter at bay. Pair a faux leather cardigan with denim leggings and a graphic tee for a hipster look. You can always jazz up this basic ensemble with some cute accessories and you will instantly turn heads.

Fitted Tights & Ties: Feeling adventurous? Try wearing your teddy coat with fitted tights and a fitted turtleneck sweater. For an easy weekend outfit, try wearing your faux fur coat with a pair of fitted tights and skinny jeans. You can easily layer this with a cardigan and faux leather boots for that fun, casual look during the fall.

Silk & Cashmere Sweaters: For a very casual yet chic look, pair your pink teddy coat with cashmere sweaters. Look for a sweater that’s in gray or black – the contrast will enhance your outfit details. Pair your wool cashmere sweater with leggings in a variety of neutrals to achieve a layered look. This is an ideal wardrobe when you want to dress casually but also don’t want to go too dressed up.

Black Sunglasses & Totes: If you’re heading out after dark, why not accessorize your outfit with a pair of black sunglasses. A black pair of shades will look fresh and playful in any season, and they are so cute and girly. Pair your black sunglasses with light-colored leggings, a cardigan and a feminine cardigan sweater for that easy-going casual look. You can easily layer with a black skinny jeans jacket, a black faux turtle neck sweater and a plain t-shirt for a flirty beachy look. Your little princess is ready to rock the town in this adorable outfit!

Pink Jeans, Tops & Skirts: Beach-goers don’t have to go without their beach essentials – especially when they’re wearing adorable pink leggings. Pair a cute frilly pair of jeans with a cute frilly tank top and a sarong for a super casual yet classy look. This outfit is sure to get almost sold out (wearing small).

Pink Baby Doll Dress: What girl doesn’t love to dress up as a cute baby? This fun outfit will give you a stylish twist on the classic baby doll dress. It’s a fun way to add a few accessories and transform your look from a simple Jane to a Hollywood stunner in no time. This outfit is sure to sell out fast, so pick your lucky number wisely. Wear a pretty pink t-shirt and some skinny jeans to complete the look. You’ll look like a real life celebrity by the time you leave the store.

Pink Satin Teddy: For the super fashion conscious, this one isn’t for you, if you’re wearing basic clothing. But if you’re wearing a beautiful pink satin blouse, then this is a great choice for an added touch of sophistication. You could wear a pretty pink silk waistcoat or a matching clutch bag. You could also opt for a pink faux fur wrap. And you’re wearing cute shoes, so what more could you ask for?

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