About Us


If we have this right it’s not about us, it’s about you 😉

The-Streets aim to reinvent the 90s fashion as the ultimate fashion of wear with style and comfort. We have developed distinctive unique styles that somehow transcend their 1990’s heritage to become a present day styles of occasion.

There is always that little thing that is special about a The-Streets product. Maybe it is the delicate lace, or the soft down memory print or the eye catching wide silvery floral embroidery. Either way, these dresses have that one unique characteristic that just makes them different from anything else. The gang at The-Streets can also be found at any of the top fashion and travel exhibitions, and they have been known to dress up quite regularly at UK, Australian and international themed events. So we invite you to experience our dresses at these locations, and to see them in action at future events.

A small team based in London strives to develop best product; and manufacture best quality from factories in the UK, Romania, India and China.  Most styles are indeed made in the UK.

The-Streets simply celebrates women and diversity with our customers. We listen, we reflect, and we do.

We hope you enjoy wearing our designs as much as we enjoy making them.

Let us know how you find us at [email protected]

Head Office Information

28 College Cresscent,
Northways Parade,
London NW3 5DN
Phone: +44 7444 827 917
Email:[email protected]