Many people consider a denim shirt to be a classic, but not an acid-washed denim shirt! However, when it comes to style and fashion the two cannot be far from one another.

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This is simply because the process of acid washing denim has made it so incredibly popular as a fashion trend, both for every day and more special occasion wear. So, what are the best kinds of clothes that look good with an acid-washed denim shirt?

Urban Classics Women's Ladies Denim Oversized Shirt
Urban Classics Women’s Ladies Denim Oversized Shirt

The first thing that you will notice when looking at these tops is that they are very popular among many different styles of jeans – whether they are straight, baggy or boot cut.

In fact, even the boot cut styles make use of an acid-washed denim top! They have become so popular that many companies now sell them under their own labels and at discount prices, due to their popularity.

Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt Size Medium Up cycled Grunge Customised distressed
Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt Size Medium Upcycled Grunge Customised distressed @ £26.00

Therefore, finding these tops online at a discount price is really easy – and if you want some really funky styles then you could always start with a search on your favourite search engine for “affordable denim top” or “affordable denim jeans”.

Acid wash denim shirt
Acid wash denim shirt @ £35.00

The reason why this type of denim shirt looks good with a denim jacket is that they both compliment each other. The way that the denim is cut means that the jacket can sit comfortably on the body and still be comfortable.

Also, it provides for a very clean, fresh look to the person wearing it. This means that there are numerous colours and styles available when choosing denim shirts.

Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt
Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt @ £26.00

Firstly, you should take into consideration the colour of the denim shirt. If you are someone who has a lot of darker skin, then you should steer clear of colours such as black, dark blue and charcoal. These colours tend to bleed onto the upper portions of the body, making them look quite unflattering.

Vintage 1990s Gap Distressed Grunge Light Acid Wash Denim Shirt
Vintage 1990s Gap Distressed Grunge Light Acid Wash Denim Shirt @ £14.40

You should stick to light colours. Generally, the rule of thumb is that if a particular blue or brown looks good on someone else, then it will look good on you too.

No Future reworked acid wash Denim Shirt
No Future reworked acid wash Denim Shirt @ £28.00

A light blue or brown will look good on anyone, regardless of their complexion type. So long as the top doesn’t have too many patterns or too many different colours, then it will look perfect on you.

Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt Size Medium
Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt Size Medium @ £26.00

If you are someone who does not have a lot of skin in the top part of your body, then consider going for a solid white. This will also work well with a number of different types of jeans including skinny jeans.


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If you are looking to add some colour to the top part, then consider having your top dyed a bright shade of red or purple. This will help pop out the contrast between the top and the rest of your outfit.

Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt Up cycled Grunge
Acid wash Reworked Vintage Denim Shirt Upcycled Grunge @ £26.00

If you don’t want your denim shirt to show any lines or seams, then you should consider getting a pre-distressed design. There are plenty of shops that can create customised looks for you, including those based online.

Reworked Acid Wash Shirt
Reworked Acid Wash Shirt @ £26.00

Look through some of the designs and choose one that will look good on you. Then you can have the top part dyed in the colours that you want.

Acid wash Reworked Cropped Vintage Denim Shirt @ £24.00

Acid washed denim shirts look great with a number of different types of clothing. For example, they look good with skinny jeans, but they also look good with long trousers.

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They also look good with casual clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and leggings. So long as you avoid getting your top creased, then you will be fine. Acid wash denim shirts are definitely easy to care for, provided that you follow the basics.

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