Before you head out shopping for men’s checked shirts, you may want to consider what the current trends are. Trends can change quickly, so it’s important that you consider what the current fashion trends are in your industry.

Mens Checked Shirt CH0062-00
Men’s Checked Shirt CH0062-00 £50.05

Check with a professional clothing store to see what styles and colours they have available. If you want to find the men’s checked shirt that will best fit your needs, then you should consider what the top trends are in the clothing industry right now.

Blue Red Short Sleeves Checked Shirt Blue
Blue Red Short Sleeves Checked Shirt Blue £ 18.46

One of the most popular trends in classic men’s checked shirts. These shirts are incredibly popular right now and you’ll find they are often worn during special occasions. You can easily incorporate these into your wardrobe with a few simple changes.


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One of the biggest trends with classic men’s checked shirts is the colour shirt. With solid colours, like black or navy, you can easily create a classic look with a great accessory.


When it comes to choosing the classic men’s checked shirt, solid coloured shirts are still very popular. However, there are some other colour options that are more popular now than they have ever been in the past. Pastel colours are increasing in popularity and make great accessories for any wardrobe.

Large Check Shirt, Red/Navy
Large Check Shirt, Red/Navy £24.00

Whether you choose to go with a bright blue shirt or a lemon yellow check shirt, you can easily integrate these popular colours into your men checked shirt wardrobe. The style of men’s checked shirt can be an important feature for you to consider. There are some really classic styles that can easily be dressed up or down depending on how you want to wear them.

Ombre Check Shirt
Ombre Check Shirt £42.00

The casual check shirts are extremely popular because they are easy to wear and get dressed up.

Long Sleeve Casual Check Shirts
Long Sleeve Casual Check Shirts £9.99

You can easily find popular styles such as button-down blazers, single-breasted trench coats, and casual shirts that look great when worn with jeans and a t-shirt.

You can even find a wide variety of coloured styles that look great when worn with a coloured tie.

Single And Double Cuff Non-Iron Navy And Blue Check 100% Cotton Shirt
Single And Double Cuff Non-Iron Navy And Blue Check 100% Cotton Shirt £34.95

Formal – The formal style is becoming more popular. This style usually consists of a jacket, either plain or broached, along with a coat.

These items will have an elegant design that can be worn with a tie or even a plain suit.

Mens Checked Shirt with jacket

Dressy – The dressier style is perfect for those that want to look stylish but not perfect for those that are looking to be conservative. These shirts usually have an embellished collar that features a tricolour check. The colours that are available for this style are typically black and white. They are very popular for those that are in the business world and want to look presentable. You can also find some very formal styles that feature a decorative collarbone or other types of details.

Ginmill Check Shirt
Ginmill Check Shirt £13.77

No matter what style you choose to wear, you can guarantee that it will be the right choice for your wardrobe.


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There are many options out there when it comes to the men checked shirt. The best advice you can get is to make sure that you find a great style that fits your personality.

Italian Checked Shirt
Italian Checked Shirt £3.95

You can easily find a great place to buy men’s clothing if you decide to shop online. There are a number of different websites that have a wide variety of different styles that you can check out.


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If you are wearing the shirt for work then you may want to check out the formal styles first so that you know what you are getting. There are also a lot of great options for the casual wearer.

Black Check Flannel Shirt
Black Check Flannel Shirt £15.00

When you are wearing a men’s checked shirt you want to make sure that you are able to make it work for you. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have fun with the shirt that you choose to wear.

If you are comfortable with the way that it looks then you will wear it more often and this will ensure that you have a great wardrobe.


Men’s checked shirts can be found in many different places. Whether you are looking at an outlet that specializes in men’s clothing or you are shopping at a regular store that has a wide selection, you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Blue Depths Long Sleeve House Check Shirt
Blue Depths Long Sleeve House Check Shirt £38.00

There are a number of different style options to choose from. When you are ready to make the purchase, be sure to check around and make sure that you take your time.

This will help to ensure that you do not end up regretting your decision later on.

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