What makes a great Men’s Flight Bag? Is it the design, the size, the special features, or the pockets? There are so many different styles of bags out there for men, and each one has its own type of carry-on luggage compartment.

Men's Flight Bag
Men’s Flight Bag

Bags have changed over the years to where they are now more stylish, functional, easy to use and affordable than ever before. Here are some of the best current trends in bag styles.

Large Leather Vintage Flight Bag
Large Leather Vintage Flight Bag @£117.00 scaramangashop.co.uk

The most popular bag styles right now are the backpack and day bag. Both have their own merits, but the backpack is generally popular because of its flexibility and durability.


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Day bags are also a popular option, as they are lightweight, easily moved, and spacious. Here are some colour trends that are popular with these two bags.

men's styles flight bags
men’s styles of flight bags

Black is a popular colour for both day and backpack bags. This colour provides a classic style that can go from business to casual very easily. Black bags help to define the man behind the suit. Black is also a very classic colour and never goes out of fashion.

Ellesse Regent Backpack Black Mono
Ellesse Regent Backpack Black Mono @£23.00 terracesmenswear.co.uk

You can see black accessories with a military-style look and even go with a white shirt and jacket to provide a laid back style.


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Another trend is that most of the bags now are plastic. This is because they are more durable and easier to clean than canvas or leather bags.

men's styles flight bags for leather
men’s styles of flight bags for leather

These new bags look sleek and stylish. They come in many different colours including; hot pink, black, grey, navy blue and red.

Gymkhana Equestrian Horse Riding Bag Holdall- Comes in Either Pink, Red, Navy Blue or Black.Free Personalisation (Navy Blue)
Gymkhana Equestrian Horse Riding Bag Holdall- Comes in Either Pink, Red, Navy Blue or Black. Free Personalisation (Navy Blue) @£16.97 amazon.co.uk

Baggy bags are also popular for men. The reasons they are so popular are because they are easier to move around, provide extra storage room, and are very casual.

Baggy bags for mens
Baggy bags for men

The styles come in a range from the simple pullover to the oversized trucker look. Most of them have a strong focus on dark colours or neutral tones. Men’s pullover bags have always been a classic style.

Men's pullover bags
Men’s pullover bags

Another trend that is very popular is to use monochromatic bags. This means you get all the benefits of a classic design but add in a different colour. This has a very contemporary look and comes in a variety of colours including; blue, grey, brown, black and white. It is very popular with men who want a timeless design but don’t want to change their wardrobe altogether.

Envirosax Monochromatic Bag 4 - Folding Reusable Shopping Bag - Bag For Life
Envirosax Monochromatic Bag 4 – Folding Reusable Shopping Bag – Bag For Life @£7.89 amazon.co.uk

A popular men’s flight bag is the gym bag. These bags have a lot of room and usually have a very functional purpose. They usually have a good-sized pocket and some form of the strap for added carry-on luggage.

Other bags are made purely for function. These are more popular with companies because they are more flexible and can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, a business flight might require a bag that can hold its own during the trip. This type of bag may have a lot of pockets that connect to each other. This kind of bag isn’t as functional, but it will have enough space to hold any documents or belongings.

men's flight bag
men’s flight bag

Men’s bags are also available in different colours. There are bags designed to match any colour of the shirt. So whether you want a bag to wear when working out at the gym or for a night out on the town, there is a bag available for your needs. Some colours are easier to keep clean than others so it is worth looking at the materials that the bag is made from. Usually, leather is very durable and long-lasting.

Men's bags
Men’s bags

Men’s flight bags can be expensive if you choose one of the more high-end designs. There are cheaper alternatives available if this is what you are after. If cost is not an issue then there is a design in any price range.

Ben Sherman Men's Flight Bag Black
Ben Sherman Men’s Flight Bag Black @£30.38 amazon.co.uk

You could opt for a cheap bag that has a functional but plain design. Or if you want something a bit more classy then there are plenty of designer bags available.


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The design of the bag will also vary according to the brand. If you want a bag that is not too common then it is a good idea to look at popular brands. There are also a lot of companies who specialise in producing bags. This can be an advantage if you are looking for a specific design. If this is the case then you may have to pay a little more but will be buying a better quality product.

Men's flight bags design
Men’s flight bags design

When you buy a bag you will usually have a warranty period. This should tell you how long the item can be used before needing to be returned. It is important to note that some manufacturers offer replacements and refunds.

Fossil City Bag Trey Sml-med Shoulder Brown Leather Flight Body Bags RP
Fossil City Bag Trey Small-med Shoulder Brown Leather Flight Body Bags RP @£99.99 ebay.co.uk

You should check these terms before making your purchase. It is also a good idea to see if the bag comes with a warranty and if it does, to see if it is of high quality.

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