Cropped down puffer jacket is a must-have this autumn. This stylish jacket with its spandex trim and tailored look will definitely add an element of style to your winter wardrobe.

puffer jacket
puffer jacket

There are many styles and designs to choose from; what is important is that it looks good with the different patterns and looks available this season. The cropped down puffer jacket looks good with everything from denim to denim shorts and even skirts!

Mens Brave Soul Grant & Jose Hooded Plain Quilted Padded Puffer Jacket
Men’s Brave Soul Grant & Jose Hooded Plain Quilted Padded Puffer Jacket @£39.99

Short puffy jackets with less bulky forearms are not quite-cropped, but they have more of a V-neck. They are filled with responsibly sourced duck down and have all the technical features you would want to keep warm on those long nights out in the cold.

GUESS Men's Mid Weight Puffer Jacket
GUESS Men’s Mid Weight Puffer Jacket @£132.52

They can be found in several styles including the Classic, which is a smart choice for smart casual as well as professional environments. The latest version called London has a tighter fit and a slightly longer length perfect for the trendy city life!


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The Classic comes in many styles: the short sleeve short puffy jacket, the long sleeve puffy jacket and the tank styles. These all share the same great qualities: the fit being flattering, the quality of the down providing warmth and the attractive collar shape adding style. The Classic also has a shorter length making it more ideal for the parks and the mountains.

Classic Puffer Jacket
Classic Puffer Jacket @£177.50

The tank jacket is one of the most popular jackets for the fall/winter seasons. If you have never owned a jacket like this before, you should give it a shot.

tank jacket
tank jacket

There are some great jackets on the market that have the signature button-up collar which is now so popular for winter wear. They also come with removable liners that can be zipped together for a more personal fit and functionality.

FASHIONi Long Blue Puffer Jacket
fashion Long Blue Puffer Jacket @£49.99

The Classic is an excellent choice as well. It’s simple and rugged without being overly puffy or baggy. If you wear a longer jacket, the cropped puffer will fit nicely with that style.

Mens Long Puffer Jacket
Men’s Long Puffer Jacket £234.38

On the opposite side, if you prefer a short jacket, the tailored puffy design will help keep the jacket short. This will allow you to look fashionable while covering your upper body.


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Many people are choosing coats with removable liners these days. In addition to being more comfortable than just having a coat, they make it easier to move around in because the liner can be removed or added depending on the circumstances. A few years ago, there were only a few popular options such as the trench coat, but today there are many more styles including short sleeves, long sleeves, pea coats, polo shirts, crewnecks, and even dresses!

Mens Brave Soul Padded Faux Fur Lined Trim Hood Puffer Jacket Winter Bubble Coat
Men’s Brave Soul Padded Faux Fur Lined Trim Hood Puffer Jacket Winter Bubble Coat @£48.95

One of the most popular styles for fall and winter are the puffy weather jackets. These coats are relatively versatile as long as you remember to dress them up or down. Typically, they have long sleeves with an additional strap that is retractable, which can be worn under a jacket or over a dress.


They are typically black but come in a variety of colours and fabrics.


A long, bulky coat may not be a good choice, but a short and slim style will be just fine.

Helly Hansen Rivaridge Puffy Jacket - Men's
Helly Hansen Rivaridge Puffy Jacket – Men’s @£217.70

The other option to consider is the trench. Similar to the puffy coat, it has an adjustable neck that can be unfolded. However, it has a smaller size and can easily be worn as a layering piece over a shirt or blouse.

stylish puffer jacket men
stylish puffer jacket men

There are many options for this style, so no matter what your body type is, you should be able to find a stylish, warm, and comfortable coat to wear that won’t cost an arm and a leg!

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