Skater skirts are in vogue these days. They make an impression on everyone when they are being worn and they always have a way of bringing out the glamour in any woman. They are available in a plethora of designs, patterns and colours. Some of the most popular skater skirts in the market are discussed below.

Marc Olivier Women’s Mini Skater Skirt
Marc Olivier Women’s Mini Skater Skirt £20.00

The first trends that are catching up with skater skirts are those related to colour. It is observed that women wearing brightly coloured skater tops or skirts show more enthusiasm than other women.

This trend is a result of the bright colours that are usually associated with skaters. Brightly coloured tops add to the visual appeal of the wearer, making them appear as vibrant as the other person. The popularity of these types of trends is also based on the fact that they are comfortable to wear and allows freedom of movement that is essential for any skater.

Womens New Tartan Check Printed Ladies Short Mini Slim Detachable Waist Belted Flared Pleated Skater Red Skirt @

Another popular trend that has caught up is the rocker skirt. These skirts are in great demand among skaters of all ages. The basic look of these skirts is similar to that of the tight pants worn by skaters. However, instead of wearing them tightly, the look becomes gaunt and T-back when they are worn loose. The best thing about this type of skirt is the fact that they are comfortable and gives the woman feel cool and relaxed.

Twotwowin Women's Fashion Shiny A-Line Skirt Stretchy Flared Pleated Mini Metallic Skater Skirt
Twotwowin Women’s Fashion Shiny A-Line rocker Skirt Stretchy Flared Pleated Mini Metallic Skater Skirt $10.99

The next trend in skater skirts is funky designs. Some of these trendy designs include the retro, G-string and skin-tight ones. All these designs are in vogue and are considered hot selections among women who want to look fashionable without wearing heavy tops. These are also considered as some of the safest choices, especially when it comes to practising indoor activities.

 skater skirts is funky designs
skater skirts are funky designs

Yet another fashion ideas in skater skirts includes colour combinations. While most of the colours are neutral, it is still possible to find out special colour combinations to match different dresses. For instance, pink and purple are considered to be an excellent combination, while green and yellow are popular options for other colours. With so many amazing colours available, it becomes easier to select the right style in a particular season.

skater skirts includes colour combinations.
skater skirts include colour combinations.

The third skater skirts popular fashion statement is long skater skirts. These are considered the best option for women who want to look stylish in the snow and icy weather. Apart from giving them an awesome look, they are also warm and comfortable to wear. In fact, most skater skirts are designed with special attention to give them a perfect fit and proper length.

Skater skirts are definitely one of the most popular types of skater wear. They give a sporty, playful look to the skater women, and are great for all seasons. They are also made from various materials including leather, vinyl, jute, and other materials that are comfortable and durable. No matter what type of material or design you prefer, you will surely find the perfect skater skirt for you in the market.

Black Womens Back Zipper Closure A-Line Mini Leather High Waist Skater Skirt #S-L
Black Women’s Back Zipper Closure A-Line Mini Leather High Waist Skater Skirt #S-L

These skirts give a classic and elegant look to the wearer. For professional women, this look is a must. It is also very popular among teen skaters as this look is quite stylish and in style.

DRESSTELLS Women’s Mini Skirt Basic High Waist Pleated Solid Casual Skater School Stretchy Skirt @

Skirt prints and colours are also widely popular among skaters. Prints are popular because they can make the skater wear her favourite team’s uniform. However, colour is very important. A popular choice for skater skirts these days is bold and bright colours. The bright colours look fantastic when combined with the right fabric type.

Flared Casual Mini Skater High Waist Pleated @

Skater skirts are available at most leading department stores as well as online stores. These skirts are made from various materials, depending on the price and quality.


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Prices vary according to the material, design, size and designer.

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