People who love to be fashionable have been enjoying Mandarin collar shirts for years now and they are still popular. The popularity of this particular clothing has transcended the borders of different countries and people from different walks of life enjoy wearing them. It is no wonder that these men’s clothes look good with jeans, trousers, shorts or a formal tuxedo as it fits with a most formal look.

The best thing about these clothes is that they do not have to be bought too often. This means that you can wear them once and then let them hang in your closet for a long time without worrying about washing or clipping them. You would not want to wear something so neat and clean every day especially when there are so many clothes in your closet.

However, you might have to buy your favourite ones from time to time. The best place to find these shirts is to shop online since there are so many online stores selling these types of clothes. In fact, these are the most popular colours for men’s clothing nowadays.


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If you are interested in buying one, you should consider how to wear it. This depends on whether you want it to complement your formal wear or you want it to be on the wild side. The following tips will guide you on how to wear your Mandarin collar shirt with great style.

Firstly, you can choose between solid and patterned colours. A plain white collar shirt is always popular with men. However, you can add something interesting like a colour collar to spice things up. You can go to blue, red, black or any other colour that suits your personality. These popular colours make your shirt look stylish and elegant.

Tips on Buying the White Mandarin Collar Shirt For Mens Wear1

Secondly, you can choose between plain and printed styles. Print shirts give emphasis to your upper body. You can either have a basic design or something with patterns.

Printed Mandarin Collar Shirt For Mens Wear

They can be formal or casual, simple or colourful, formal or informal. They can also be printed in the latest fashion and give a unique look.

Men Linen-Blend Shirt Frog Button 3/4 Sleeve Mandarin Collar Top Casual Loose @ £24.99

Thirdly, you can try mixing patterns. You can get a solid coloured shirt, preferably in black or dark blue and then have a printed collar with some interesting geometric designs. This will surely look chic on men with a slim or average figure.

dark blue Mandarin Collar Shirt

Some Mandarin collar shirts look extremely well on men with thick neck muscles. Thick necks look stunning on such men’s shirts and you can accentuate your physique by wearing one such collar. Fourthly, do not forget the colour of your shirt. You must pick a colour that compliments your body type.

Men’s Linen Short Sleeve Kung Fu Shirt Tai Chi Mandarin Collar Pocket Loose Tops @ £20.78

For instance, if you are short and you need to wear a shorter shirt, go for a colour that is light on your skin so as to make your body look taller.

Printed Mandarin Collar Shirt For Mens
oodji Ultra Men’s Printed Stand Collar Shirt, Blue @ £16.67

If you are tall, choose a darker colour for a complementing effect. You can also go for a printed collar in colours such as lime green, grey and charcoal to give your shirt a unique look and feel.

Green Mandarin Collar Shirt For Mens
Men’s Weekday Green Hunt Shirt Mandarin Collar @ £20.00

Finally, ask your friends for some advice. They will always be glad to share their experience with various shops and brands of men’s shirts. Furthermore, you can also use the internet to search out cool looking Mandarin collar shirts. There are numerous stores online that can provide you with great deals on these shirts.

Kustom Kit Mandarin Collar Tailored Fit Long Sleeve Shirt (KK161)-Business Shirt @ £22.29

The material used in making these collars can suit any man. They are available in materials like silk, cotton and even linen. You can choose the fabric that you feel is comfortable to wear along with your personality. However, there are certain fabrics that tend to look cool and look better on certain men.


As for the design, there are various designs to choose from. Some of them have cartoon prints on them, while others display flower patterns. You can even find men’s tees with different messages. These range from funny ones to motivational ones. A plain shirt can also look very elegant when it comes to a collar made up of flowers, polka dots and stripes.

In terms of price, these can be expensive. If you are looking for something less expensive, opt for cotton or silk made men’s shirts. Also, if you want to save money, then you can always go for the cheap varieties that you can find online. So there you have it, just a few tips on how to buy the perfect Mandarin collar for yourself.

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