Travel essentials : Some bohemian travellers might claim that all you really need to travel with is a passport and a few spare pairs of clean underwear. However, for those of us who prefer to plan for every eventuality when we’re off on an overseas adventure, there are perhaps a few travel essentials you might not realise could make your travels just that little bit less stressful.

Pre-paid cards

The rise in modern fintech companies has been incredibly beneficial for those of us that like to travel. Brands such as Prepaid Financial Services offer the chance for users to load bespoke cards with currency and use it as they would any contactless credit or debit card. The key difference is that it is quick, simple and means you never need to deal with unfamiliar currencies. This will allow you to manage your money more confidently and with greater clarity.

Universal adapter

More than ever before, we rely on our various smart devices for navigation, translation, managing our finances and planning our next moves. With our travels so tied to our phones, it can be truly devastating when they pack in at the most inopportune moment. That’s why a universal charger that can work in almost any plug socket in almost any country is a necessity in 2019 and a travel essential you don’t want to leave behind. On a similar note, you might also want to consider a spare battery pack for your phone whilst you’re at it in case you’re stuck in a remote area with no easy access to electricity for an extended period of time.

Hand sanitiser

If you’re going to be travelling to some particularly exotic locations where you are unsure of the local hygiene standards, keeping a bottle of hand sanitiser on your person at all times could quite literally prove to be a life-saver. Of course, first aid supplies are also highly recommended (and a nice lip balm can prove an oddly flexible accessory too), but hand sanitiser is the add-on we often forget to pack in our backpack.


Cheaper than chips, these tiny little foam godsends could be the difference between you getting a good night’s sleep in a rowdy hostel or being forced to endure loud techno music until 6am. Equally flexible whether you’re staying next to a busy road or have decided to hit up a local music festival and actually want to go to bed before the sun comes up, earplugs are the gifts that keep on giving and one of the travel essentials we usually forget.

Document copies

In the unlikely event that your passport or visa is stolen or lost, having a copy on hand could save your holiday. There can be few things more panic-inducing than losing a passport abroad, but as long as you have your passport number and photo to hand then you’ll find the process of getting a replacement (and getting home) that much easier.

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