A bow back dress looks fabulous for any occasion whether it is a formal party or an informal date. This kind of dress looks great on almost any body shape. For a flattering look, you can either wear a classic gown with its high necklines or opt for a sleek and fashionable bow back dress.

bow back dress
bow back dress

If you want to play up your sexy side, you can consider wearing a low neckline with a small bow at the side. The trends this season are quite interesting. From a simple colour palette to bold prints, the choices are endless. However, there are certain trends that are really hot this year.

navy sleeveless low back bow maxi dress
navy sleeveless low back bow maxi dress @£12.00 missguided.co.uk

Darker colours have always been in trend. In fact, they are still quite popular right now. A dark coloured bow back dress can create an impressive look especially if combined with high heels and beautiful accessories.

Chic designs are always in demand. These include floral prints, stripes, polka dots, vines and asymmetric shapes. If you want to add some colour to your outfit, then try a colour that is vibrant and contrasting such as red, orange, yellow, blue and black.

PIA MICHI 1791 ROYAL BLUE @£312.00 fairytaleendings.co.uk

If you have a great body to show off, then don’t feel like you are confined to wearing a frumpy bow back dress. For a more elegant look, pair your dress with a beautiful neckline. And for the perfect finishing touch to your classy ensemble, wear a beautiful handbag that adds some extra sophistication to your smart evening wear.

bow back dress
bow back dress

You can also wear it to a wedding or reception and make sure that you stay away from too much jewellery or shiny shoes. Look for subtle details like a pretty broach or a glamorous clutch to keep the overall look simple and elegant.

bow back dress
bow back dress

For everyday wear, you can find some excellent alternatives to your usual bow back dress. Then top it off with a chunky belt and you have instant glam! You can really switch up the overall look by adding some accessories – your jewellery should match your belt but you could also add a pretty scarf to your overall outfit.


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It has been popular for women who want to add a bit of sparkle to their lives to wear a stripped bow back dress. A long, flowing dress in a bold colour will look great on you and it will help you stand out from the crowd. This dress type usually comes with a beautifully beaded train and sometimes a brooch or other embellishment at the waistline.

Addicted To Love Royal Blue Lace Long Sleeve Bow Back Maxi Dress
Addicted To Love Royal Blue Lace Long Sleeve Bow Back Maxi Dress @£59 pinkboutique.co.uk

If you’re choosing a dress in a bold colour, make sure that the colour you choose is one that will flatter you best. For example, if you are tall and thin, opt for a bold red dress so that it will make you appear as though you are smaller than you actually are.

red dress with bow on the back

The dress is often accompanied by an elegant and detailed clutch. Look for a simple design that will complement the dress.

For example, if you are wearing a bold red dress, opt for a chunky clutch – not too much, but just enough to add an extra hint of sparkle to your look. Also, ensure that the clutch does not have any small intricate parts that might show off your dress.

grey sleeveless low back bow maxi bridesmaid dress
grey sleeveless low back bow maxi bridesmaid dress @£11.40 missguided.co.uk

When you are shopping for a bow back dress, remember that you will need a good-fitting bra to go with it.

bow back dress
bow back dress

This way, you can be sure that it fits perfectly and won’t cause you discomfort.

bow back dress
bow back dress

Also, always check that the straps do not hang too low on your back – they must rest nicely on the shoulders and must not dig in.

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