The current trend for women’s snowboarding clothing is to choose a snowsuit that is darker in colour and has an edgier cut.

Roxy Women's Misti Snowboard Jacket
Roxy Women’s Misti Snowboard Jacket £100.00

The traditional white snowsuit is still very popular among snowboarders of all ages, but the more popular trend is the edgier, darker colour.

A lot of women’s snowboarding clothing these days are becoming thinner and lighter, and more comfortable. The key to making this trend work for you is to choose one that fits properly, is fashionable and makes you look good while snowboarding.

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There are many different looks that a snowsuit can achieve. This article will give you some of the latest popular colours for women’s snowsuits and what the different colours do to enhance your snowboarding style.

Black is a popular colour for women’s snowsuit, but you have to be careful when wearing black because it looks good with everything, but it also looks awful when combined with orange, red or dark blue. Avoid combining black with these colours and find a neutral colour to mix up with the tops you are wearing to create a stylish layered look. Other popular colours are pink, orange, green and blue.

W's Luna Snow Jacket
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A women’s snowboard jacket is an essential accessory for anyone who is a fan of the winter sport. Not only do they protect you from the cold, but they will also help to improve your performance. However, many people often forget to buy themselves a suitable jacket for the winter.


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The good news is that there are several options available. For example, if you would prefer something to wear over your regular ski jacket, you could consider a women’s snowboard jacket. This type of jacket will protect you from the biting wind and water and provide a stylish finish.

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Another popular item of clothing that can make you stand out in the snow is a snowsuit. You will want to ensure that you get the right size. Usually, it would help if you started by measuring yourself. Always take your measurements along with the ones provided by your manufacturer or retailer. It is then time to think about colour. Fortunately, most brands now offer a huge range of colours, from bright pink to camouflage prints and olive green to blue.

Oakley Phoenix 2.0 Shell Women's Snowboard Jacket
Oakley Phoenix 2.0 Shell Women’s Snowboard Jacket £142.97

Once you have taken your measurements, you will probably want to know how to accessorize your snowboard jacket. If you are not planning on wearing your women’s snowsuit underneath, you will have plenty of choices when it comes to accessories.

Women's snowboard Jacket Yellow Black

However, if you are going to wear your snowsuit underneath, you will need to know how to accessorize your snowboard jacket. Although you decide to go ahead and wear your snowboard jacket with your women’s snowsuit, make sure you choose similar colours.

Goldbergh Phoenix One Piece Red Ski Suit
Goldbergh Phoenix One Piece Red Ski Suit £399.00


For instance, if you are wearing dark women of colour’s snowsuit with a light coloured pair of boots, you will want to wear the same colour for your boots. If you want to look more adventurous, you could even use black boots with a white base colour for your snowboard outfit.

women's snowsuit with black boots

To complete the look, you can add a few shredders to your boots and some black accessories like a white headband, a thin black strap bracelet and some fake leaves. The colours you choose are completely up to you and is really down to personal taste.


In summary, to make sure you look and feel comfortable whilst boarding on the slopes in the wintertime, you should make sure that you have accessorized appropriately.

Whether you want to wear just your women’s snowsuit or a snowboard jacket, make sure that you prepare in advance to have everything you need on hand.

This way, you will be prepared for your trip and enjoy every minute of it.

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