Adele was the big winner at Sunday night’s Grammys, as she walked away with five awards. Well four and a half!

She was the first person in five years to receive three of the biggest four awards, the last person to have received that number was herself.

The twenty eight year old, from Tottenham, received awards for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Album, and Best Pop Solo Performance.

However, Adele turned down the top prize of Album of the Year, as she believed Beyoncé deserved it more. She then broke her award in two, and offered the second half to the “artist of her life”, Beyoncé.

It is unclear if Adele has official rejected her award. If she has, it will be only the second time in history that it has happened. The first time being when Sinead O’Connor turned down Best Alternative Album in 1990, claiming the ceremony was too “commercialised”.

However, Adele wasn’t the only musician to leave with five awards, the late David Bowie’s Album, Blackstar, won in every category it was nominated in.  It was the first credit Bowie has received since he won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006; one of only two Grammys he won in his lifetime.

Queen B didn’t walk away entirely empty handed, as the expecting mother of twins, took home Best Urban Contemporary Album; as well as giving a complex performance of the songs Love Drought, and Sandcastles, with a rebirth theme.

But while Beyoncé’s performances were flawless, others’ didn’t go as smoothly.

Lady Gaga duetted with Metallica on the song Moth to a Flame, but singer James Hetfield was difficult to hear in the first verse.  Hetfield later sang again with Gaga, sharing the microphone, but angrily threw his guitar to a roadie at the end of the song.

Adele also went off-key in her tribute to the late George Michael, and tearfully asked if she could restart the song. She did, and received a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Tributes to other musicians stolen from the Music Industry last year were also very touching. With Bruno Mars vamping up a cover of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy, Lady Gaga supporting a Ziggy Stardust inspired look, and John Legend and Cynthia Ervio tenderly covering The Beach Boy’s God Only Knows.

As well as the singers’ memorable moments, Presenter James Corden made one of his own, as he fake stumbled down the stairs upon his entrance, branding it as a “disaster”; and then burst into a rap about all the acts present.

See the full winners list here

Words: Maddie Milton

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