When you say the words Adidas and Yeezy, you pretty much wouldnt ever think of putting them in the same sentence, right? Yet what came stormin’ at us at the opening of New York Fashion week was these two combined. With a collection preview and a ‘FROW’ to make any designer jealous, the world’s eyes were firmly set on Kanye West. Ingenious or grotesque-we’ll leave you to decide? This article aims to give you all the information on the infamous collaboration between sports retailing giant and, well, ego giant, Kanye West. By the way don’t get me wrong, I love Kanye West and his ridiculous ego with a passionarrow-10x10-9446904, but would this pair-up be a success? Or simply are the “clothes” just not good enough? I say “clothes” in a slight mocking way because as much as I love Kanye and believe he is on point with fashion( he styles Kim amaaaazingly), on this my view is somewhat blurred. Yeah, I understand you may think, Emma this capsule collection doesn’t strive to be for the everyday consumer’, but is to pocket in the Adidas (or sportswear) consumer who is fashion conscious. Kanye’s latest words in regards to Gap, was that he’d love to revolutionise a brand that everyone wears, by taking it to another level. Therefore roll on up Adidas originals. Not being a petite size 6-8( avec Kim Kardashian and his models), I can only come to the question that would his super fitted leggings with crop top combo’s be flattering for us all? As not all of us( If you have, thank the Lord) have that washboard stomach, elongated legs or ridiculously toned yet rounded ass (Yeah, I’m not jealous one bit…). As for us mere normal people, well, we’re…normal, lumps, bumps ‘n’ all. Although I have some hesitations in regards to fit, transferability to the normal user and question to myself as to would I actually ever wear these items? I’d shockingly have to agree that for some of the items, yes I would. Having weighed out the bad to the good I’d come to the realisation that fashion is never going to be fitting to all shapes , sizes, tastes and styles. However, what you can take from Kanye’s collection is not only the direction in which fashion will be ongoing, but specific items for different people and their different needs can be worn. For instance the over-sized camo jacket is easily worn and available for all shapes and sizes( not to mention so, so amazing). A cropped top can be good for those petite ladies out there and a high-waisted legging for those who wish to elongate their leg without having to have some crazy surgery. As Kanye stated, he wanted the items to be like “Lego”, so manageable and inter-changeable for all of the consumers, because sometimes daily life is a chore enough without the stress of clothing.

Many( including myself) can be quick to pass judgement on Kanye and his design ideas. With one magazine dressing a fashion editor in likewise clothing and hittin’ the streets of London…Let’s just say people we’re not impressed. But what you fail to realise is that every collection thrown head first onto the runway is there to inspire and create a vivid storyboard for the creations themselves. Once they’re actually manufactured and cut for the needs of their stockists and the brand itself, there usually is a lot of tweaking to the items. And I for one, as much as I may be a liiiitle bit of a cynic, would no doubt purchase a lot of the garments(guaranteed I’d have to grow a moneyarrow-10x10-9446904 tree) because sometimes fashion is indifferent. And you know what, any kind of difference is good. Don’t base your judgement on the sometimes bad actions of Kanye, as this action is truly great.

Plus….If I didn’t have such large feet, had a moneyarrow-10x10-9446904 tree and the patience to queue up hours before their re-sale, I’d be right onto the Yeezy trainers- what an absolute cream treat. In the wise words of Mr Westhimself: “I don’t want the clothes to be the life,” …”I want the clothes to help the life.”

and by God do they help- Cheers to Kanye.

The ‘F.R.O.W’ (Front Row) Various celebrities- Rihanna, Cassie, Diddy, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim and the holy grail, Anna Wintour.

Kim and the treat of a camouflage coat

The ‘It’ trainer (Yeezy Boost)- Sold out.

Kardashian takeover -Kylie Jenner modelling for the Kanye show

Just look at that beaaaautiful coat.

Words: Emma L Ryan Tweet@EmmaLouiseRyan1 www.sarcasm-and-style.co.uk

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