Fashion designers are paying attention to the ever-changing fashion trends and there’s no better trend than that of Buffalo Sneakers. For those who don’t know, Buffalo is a Native American Indian American group from the Great Plains. Today, they are recognized as one of the largest tribes and their unique style and distinct look makes them a very popular choice among urban style conscious people.

Buffalo Sneakers
Buffalo Sneakers

One of the latest fashionable looks that have caught on this season is the fashionable Buffalo Skinny Jeans with buffalo sneakers. These particular pairs have been an immediate success worldwide and look great with everything from denim skirts to leggings and even with your favourite tank tops.

buffalo sneakers
buffalo sneakers

The most prominent feature about these shoes is the asymmetric side-snap closure, which has made these the most sought-after fashion accessories amongst fashion conscious people.

Buffalo London 1339-14 Womens White Trainers-UK 5 / EU 38
Buffalo London 1339-14 Women’s White Trainers-UK 5 / EU 38 @£111.79

A lot of people have been talking about the way in which these fashion items can easily be worn with different kinds of clothing. There are specific looks for different occasions and for different types of people. As such, we will discuss some of the most popular looks and outfits that can work well with these Buffalo London sneakers.

BUFFALO X J1MO71 BY LISA AND LENA – Trainers @£45.00

As one of the most popular choices among teenage girls, five-inch platform sneakers are always in demand during the spring and summer seasons. These sneakers are always sporty, trendy and comfortable. This is one of the key reasons why many fashion gurus across the world have deemed these particular fashion items as a must-have.


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The high platform look has always been the preferred style by both men and women across the world. With the use of the 6 centimetres high platform sole and the brightly coloured upperparts, this pair of Buffalo London sneaker is sure to get you a lot of attention.

Buffalo Cld Chai Vegan Chunky Sole Lace Up In White Size Uk 3 - 8
Buffalo Cld Chai Vegan Chunky Sole Lace Up In White Size Uk 3 – 8 @£89.99

However, there is more to the fashion look that makes these shoes even more in demand. In fact, the striking look that these shoes create is the main reason why most people choose to buy them. These sneakers can be found in a wide variety of colours such as grey, white, black, red and blue among others.

Classic Low Sneakers Navy White
Classic Low Sneakers Navy White @£88.00

As far as colour is concerned, the most popular colours preferred by people include black and white. These two colours have always been in trend and still find a lot of takers. The most popular style of these sneakers is the ‘Barrel Roll’ which is a great way to make a fashion statement without saying a word.


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The black and white combination has always worked wonders when it comes to designing footwear. There are other designs that you can find as well that are in fact very popular among fashion-conscious teenagers.

Another popular style of buffalo sneakers that are considered to be of top quality is the ‘Baby Phat’ sneakers. As far as the design is concerned, it is pretty much the same as the ‘Barrel Roll’ but this time around with a slightly modified look. The only difference is that now they have smaller heels.

Baby Phat' sneakers
Baby Phat’ sneakers

Most of these Baby Phat sneakers come with rubber soles that make walking comfortable. In fact, most of the ‘Phat’ sneakers come with a rubber sole and if you walk long distances then your feet will stay fit.

Baby Phat' sneakers
Baby Phat’ sneakers

The front part has a lot of patterns, while the back has a different texture. This is in fact a very popular design and is one of the most common varieties of Buffalo sneakers available in the market today.

Galip Sneakers White @£120.00

Buffalo sneakers have been designed in such a way that they offer a comfortable experience to the user. They do not make your feet sore after a very long day of walking.

Buffalo Women's Corin Low-Top Sneakers
Buffalo Women’s Corin Low-Top Sneakers @£81.93

So, whether you are playing at the local hockey ground or walking around the city, these popular sneakers will offer you the comfort that you are looking for.

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