Buffalos shoes are popular among kids, grown-up fashionistas and trendsetters alike. The brand is named after the wild herd of buffaloes found in the United States. The name itself speaks for itself: Buffalo is synonymous with rugged, energetic and, at times, surprising footwear. Designed to last, the line of footwear from Buffalo includes both boots and heels, and slip-on and athletic-style sandals.Buffalo Leather Shoes image The company is widely known for its signature footwear and for adapting them to varying needs. It is also famous for its wide range of casual wear, from urban casual to sophisticated urban styles. Among its collection of shoes, some that might seem most appropriate to your lifestyle and taste are discussed below. While these might not be the most popular styles, they are among the best when it comes to fashion sense and functionality.

signature footwear imageStylish and chic, Buffalo’s Laredo boots are just what you need if you are looking for a great casual shoe. Made of genuine leather, these come in various colours and styles to suit your personality and style. They have been crafted out of durable rubber soles, which guarantees a long and comfortable life span. Available in both tall and short styles, Laredo boots look good with jeans, trousers and leggings, making them ideal for both work and leisure. Moreover, they can be worn with formal and semi-formal attire, ensuring that they stand out with the right combination of colour and fashion.

Laredo 4210 London Mens Black 12 Cowboy Boots The wide range of Laredo boots has something to offer everyone, from fashion aficionados to fashion victims. These boots are made of high-quality leather with steel toes. For maximum protection, the soles are manufactured with PVC or EVA insoles. They also have cushioned heel pads to ensure stability when wearing them. Available in both tall and short models, they are also complimented with slip-resistant non-slip soles to further enhance their durability and longevity.Laredo 51055, Women's Madison If you are looking for great casual footwear, Chippewa boots are ideal. Ideal for all weather conditions, these rugged boots feature rubber uppers and a non-marking finish to ensure that no harm will come to your feet. Available in both tall and short styles, Chippewa boots are a stylish and comfy choice for both men and women. These boots are also easy on the pocket, thanks to their low price.

Chippewa boots imageThe North Face offers a wide range of footwear available for men and women. The Company originated as a small family business in the USA in 1969. The company has grown significantly through the years and today is a world-class manufacturer of footwear. Offering styles for men, women and children, the Company prides itself on offering its customers the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. The footwear available from the Company includes sandals, hiking boots, work boots and hiking boots. They also manufacture casual boots and shoes for men.

New Balance is an American footwear manufacturer famous for creating innovative high-quality footwear that is designed to last. The footwear manufactured by New Balance is famed for being flexible and having excellent ankle support. The footwear available from the Company includes sandals, running shoes, basketball shoes and sneaker. New Balance footwear is available in various styles such as athletic shoes, gym shoes, casual shoes, slip-on sneakers and sports shoes.

New Balance Men's Draft Running Shoes
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Buffalo is well known as a winter weather destination. Known worldwide for their warm and friendly personality, the people of Buffalo offer warm hospitality to travellers passing through. Known for having authentic leather goods, many travellers prefer Buffalo as a place to visit. A visit to this exciting city is incomplete without a stylish pair of Buffalo leather shoes.

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