Buying and choosing wines for your big day can get overwhelming. If you decide to serve wine at your reception, it is best to create a curated wine list to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the most delectable wines that complement the menu, the venue,  and the overall theme of your celebration.

When selecting the best wine bottles to serve at your wedding, there are many things to consider. To reduce stress and make the wine selection process simple and enjoyable for you and your loved one, we have listed a few tips on creating the perfect wine list for your upcoming wedding.

Check the corkage at the venue

The majority of wedding venues charge corkage on a per bottle or per person basis. Be aware of the applicable charges and limitations before you start shopping for wines. If you are looking to order limited edition wines, it is best to order them at least two months early to prevent delays or mishaps on the wedding day. Working with a party planning professional and suppliers will make the ordering process smoother and less stressful for you.

Determine the number of bottles you need

The number of wine bottles will depend on the number of expected guests. If you are hosting a grand wedding, ordering a few extra cases is best to ensure that nobody will get thirsty during the reception. Do not forget to order a few additional cases so you don’t run out of wines on the wedding day. Your guest list will also give you an idea of how many bottles you need to order. Some of your guests may prefer beer or other alcoholic beverages, while some may not be alcoholic drinkers altogether.

Consider the location, time of year, and venue

You may wonder how the venue, location, and time of year impact your wine selection. For instance, if you are hosting an outdoor wedding reception in summer, your guests will more likely prefer chilled rose and white wine. On the other hand, red wine is a favourite at indoor weddings or during the colder months of the year.

Choose wines that complement your menu

Your wedding menu will dictate the type of wines for your wedding. You may also consider the kind of wines you want to be served while tailoring a menu for the reception. Either way, you must ensure that your bespoke menu will complement the wine selection you have made for this special occasion. It is recommended to obtain the services of a wine expert to help narrow your wine choices for every dish on your menu to make the pairings simple and insightful. Here is a simple guide on wine and food pairings:

  • Chicken and lean meats. Choose light to medium-bodied red wine. You may also consider light-bodied whites if you plan to serve lean chicken and turkey meat.
  • Fish and seafood. Crisp and light-bodied white wine.
  • Beef. Intense and full-bodied red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Pinot Noir.
  • Pork. Full-bodied white wines.

Choose a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine from your favourite brand for the toast. Of course, it would be best if you have enough champagne or sparkling wine bottles to fill the glasses of the speakers that will raise a toast at the reception. However, if you want all your guests to partake in the toast, you must order enough bottles to accommodate this need.


These tips will be beneficial as you shop and create a curated wine list to celebrate tying the knot with your better half. When shopping for wines, it is always best to round up rather than down. If you have extra bottles of wine left, you can always bring them home with you or present them to the members of your entourage at the end of the event. Cheers!

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