Our fashion editor Wardah Sempa attended St Cyr Vintage’s tea party in Camden Tuesday evening, where the vintage store was celebrating the Queen’s birthday.

Camden’s very own Miss Poppy Cake supplied the cupcakes, with the alcohol provided by Half Hitch Gin (Delicious!).

St Cyr Vintage is a household to one of the last collections of true vintage clothes and accessories in London. The owner of North London’s independent vintage clothing and fashion bookshop Jessica Warnes, told Amor that she gets her vintage attires through her contacts in Italy, auctions, people’s houses, ebay and from plenty of online stores.

When speaking about Vintage wear, the owner of the store said: “I love colour! And I love pattern and I find that I don’t come across a lot of those styles in fashion.”

Warnes continued to say: “If I had my way, everybody would be in colour.”

“I’m not speaking about just clothing but I’m also talking about accessories, makeup, you can do so much.”

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