If you are looking for the latest trends to hit the runways, you will want to check out cool print shorts. These prints are becoming more popular for women of all ages. No matter which style or brand you decide to go with, there are a number of excellent new additions to the market that can make any woman feel sensational no matter what they are wearing. The following are some of the hottest new trends to hit the runway this season.

Sewing Paperbag Waist Shorts
Sewing Paperbag Waist Shorts www.sewessential.co.uk

One of the newest trends to hit the runways is black and white. There are a number of different variations of this trend including solid black, leopard print, charcoal grey and more.

women black and white printed shorts
women black and white printed shorts www.ebay.co.uk/

One of the biggest factors that contribute to this trend is that it is easier to achieve than other types. For instance, it is much easier to colour coordinate charcoal grey with a nice top than it is to coordinate pure black with a short. These particular colours offer a unique appeal that helps women stay stylish regardless of the occasion.

Women love vibrant colours and this trend is not any different. One of the most popular colours among women is purple. Although it has become somewhat of a dated colour, there are still a number of women that love to wear purple.

Purple Ladies Elephant Print Hippy Shorts
Purple Ladies Elephant Print Hippy Shorts £8.99 www.hippyclothinguk.co.uk

One reason why this colour is so popular is that it works with a wide variety of styles. In addition to these basic pieces, there are plenty of accessories available in this cool fabric for women to add to their ensemble.


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Cowskin prints continue to be quite popular. There are a number of different patterns from which to choose. One of the most popular is the black and white cow skin print. Other patterns include stripes, spots and others. No matter what the style of your shorts is, a pair of these gorgeous prints will add just the right touch. One of the things that have helped cow print shorts remain a staple in women’s wardrobes for decades is that they are not very expensive. These prints have been popular for a long time and that popularity continues today. A good pair of these shorts can cost around $30. This price is well worth the fashion-forward appearance that they provide.

Cowskin prints shorts
Cowskin prints shorts

A great way to get a great looking pair of these shorts is to shop at the end of the spring and summer seasons. As women stock up on these popular garments, they will be sold at an attractive price. They will be offered at even better prices later on as fall approaches and winter sets in.

As women shop for these versatile pieces, they will want to make sure that they pick a pair that will be warm and fashionable. This is no problem as there are many trendy and stylish options to choose from.

Girls Summer Shorts Cotton Plain Jersey Shorts Black Navy Grey Pink
Girls Summer Shorts Cotton Plain Jersey Shorts Black Navy Grey Pink £4.99 www.ebay.co.uk

In addition to cows, another popular print to see is the geometric print. Fortunately, more stores are carrying this wonderful fabric made from the softest of cotton.

acsefire Women's Shorts Cow Pattern Prints Colorblock High waist denim shorts
Women’s Shorts Cow Pattern Prints Colorblock High Waist Denim Shorts www.amazon.co.uk

The colours range from beige to rich chocolate browns and the styles look amazing.

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When women are shopping for army shorts they should consider the cool colours and the fashionable styles that are available.

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