Women’s pencil dresses are highly sought after for the best of reasons. They are a classic in every sense of the word. They provide a fresh and vibrant edge to any wardrobe, making them one of the most popular fashion trends for women today. But what are they made from? And do they really offer a contemporary look? In order to help you gain an insight into this exciting and innovative style, we have delved into some of the most popular colours and styles.`

Women's Vintage Stand Collar Short Sleeve Pencil Dress
Women’s Vintage Stand Collar Short Sleeve Pencil Dress £25.77 – £32.03 @amazon.co.uk

Black and Red combinations have been quite popular for a while now. Although these look sophisticated and classy, they lack something that all other colours have… appeal.


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Black looks regal and ethereal, and white is fresh and bright – two colours that really stand out when it comes to fashion trends. But do these colours match your personality and lifestyle too?

Ellen Suspender Pencil Skirt
Ellen Suspender Pencil Skirt £31.50 @voodoovixen.co.uk

The classic combination of black and white is a classic that will never go out of style. Women’s dresses in these styles are most popular in the winter season, as they are great for showing off under the warm summer sun. However, they can also be worn all year round.

As with any outfit, you should pick the right colours depending on the time of year. Bright, fiery colours such as red and orange are great for spring and summer, whereas neutral tones are better suited for the fall and winter months.

Envelope Neck Pencil Dress
Envelope Neck Pencil Dress £95.00 @karenmillen.com

Pink and lime green have been making a comeback in recent years thanks to some high profile celebrity fashion looks. Although they may appear quite plain, they can be paired with many different colours to create a stunning look.


Pink Nightclub Pencil Dress Bodycon Mini Dress
Pink Nightclub Pencil Dress Bodycon Mini Dress £35.99 @amazon.co.uk

This versatility makes them very popular, especially with younger women. Look for styles that feature striking colours like hot pink and soft lime green.

A more traditional look that works well for the autumn and winter seasons is purple. Purple will always look elegant, whether you pair it with a darker shade of green or a brighter hue such as orange.

Marilyn Purple Vintage Midi Dress £34.99 @vintagedolls.co.uk
Pair black with earthy tones for a very smart look. You could also opt for metallic shades such as copper, to give you modern touch.


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Pastel colours are ideal for spring and summer. Look for styles that have the versatility to be worn all year round. If you prefer bright, fiery colours like red and orange, then opt for styles that have a splash of colour like short sleeve shirts with fiery print patterns.

Blue Banana Women's Printed Pencil Dress
Blue Banana Women’s Printed Pencil Dress £49.99 @amazon.co.uk

For a more relaxing environment, look for women’s pencil dresses that are made from natural fabrics. Natural fabrics will look more relaxed than those made from artificial materials, giving you a much better all-round feel.

Oxiuly 2017 Women Pencil Dresses

A cotton dress is always a great choice – try one with an interesting design or pattern. You could even look at silk fabrics for a luxurious touch. These types of garments will be ideal if you prefer a more laid back look.

When shopping for women’s pencil dresses, always consider the fabric used. There are many different types of natural fabrics, including chiffon, Georgette, silk and satin.

Navy Stretch Twill Pencil Skirt
Navy Stretch Twill Pencil Skirt £59 @hawesandcurtis.co.uk

Find styles that match your tastes for the season and your body type.

Don’t be afraid to choose more adventurous colours if you have a favourite personality trait.

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