Keeping your body healthy is important at any period in our lives, but especially during a global pandemic. An overall healthy body helps us fight viruses, diseases and generally makes us feel better day to day. We all need a bit of guidance somehow to help us maintain a healthy body inside and outside.

Exercise regularly

If you’re anything like me and you hear the word “exercise” and cringe at the thought of it then it can be quite difficult to motivate yourself to exercise. However, exercise does not have to be a run, or going to the gym. It can include other forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates, a sport, or even a scenic walk. Getting your body moving can increase blood flow, serotonin, and keeps you healthy physically and mentally.

Have a healthy balanced diet

Having a healthy diet is important for maintaining overall bodily health. Try to avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and unhealthy fats. Instead, include in your diet fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain foods, protein and keep hydrated with plenty of water.


One of the most important things for keeping healthy is sleep! Sleep is our bodies opportunity to regenerate. Getting too little or too much sleep can affect our physical and mental health massively. A lack of sleep can affect the whole body, causing lack of concentration, reduced motor skills, impaired immune system and even our cardiovascular health.

Feeling exhausted will tempt you to eat unhealthy foods as your body will crave carbohydrates and sugar to give you energy. Try to get into natural daylight during the day. Artificial lights and darkness doesn’t provide us with a clear definition between night and day.

TIP: Avoid looking at your smartphone before bed and don’t drink any caffeine after 2pm.

Health shots

Aguulp is created by a team of scientists, is clinically developed and trialled, and includes:

  • co-founder and musician Stephen Manderson aka Professor Green, who spent a lifetime battling gut and mental health problems, which led to him creating Aguulp

  • co-founder and former Special Forces soldier Kevin Godlington
  • former Royal Marine Commando, Special Forces Sergeant, and host of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins Jason Fox, who has suffered from PTSD and mental health issues, and understands the importance of brain brain health

The health shots use liposomal technology to protect nutrients from being destroyed as they’re making their way through the body, delivering 98% nutrient absorption, compared to 20% from some traditional pill-form vitamins.

  • Aguulp for Gut, £40 (20 sachets)

Clinically proven to improve gut health by 27%.

  • Aguulp for Brain, £40 (20 sachets)

A liquid nootropic that helps to improve focus, mood, memory recall and energy.

  • Aguulp for Immunity, £30 (20 sachets)

A potent blend of essential vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids to fortify the body’s natural defences against illness and infection.

  • Aguulp for Recovery, £30 (30 sachets)

A ‘hangover remedy’ blend of electrolytes and nutrients to reenergise you after one too many, so you can get back on track and functioning again. Now who wouldn’t want a liquid shot that reduces a hangover?!

Keeping our body healthy is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves to ensure that we feel happy, healthy, and have a better standard of living.

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