Amor headed down to the ‘Make it Big in Fashion Event’ happening down at Google Campus, the London hub for new and innovative start-ups. The event itself was all about discovering how to make it big in the fashion world. Whether your interests lay in P.R, design, styling – Make it Big in Fashion had expert advice in abundance to help you find out how to get into your dream career in the fashion industry.

Along with the inspiring guest speakers, there were exhibitions from Proverbz31 Jewellery, Kende Fashion, Diva Juwels, Caramel Rock, Earle of Cakes, Emile London and the opportunity to network and mingle with like-minded people.

The event kicked off with an interview with the designer and founder of Emile London.

Emile talked us through his career within the fashion industry; how he started off in the fashion – from the humble begins in his mum and dad’s house behind the showing machine to studying fashion design and marketing and working with ASOS and Topshop before eventually releasing his own line. Along the way Emile also worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret, and on Kanye West’s line.

So what are Emile’s words of advice for a designer who wants to get into the fashion industry? 

You need to do a lot of free work-experience and volunteering.  Get a mentor. You need to work hard and work smart.

Creative Style Consultancy Agency – Omi Api

This double act is a fashion consultancy company who offer personal shopping and styling for a range of clients. The key services and packages these girls offer key services and packages ranging from putting together outfits for clients, image consultancy, personal shopping, flash sales and generally just maximizing a clients wardrobe and showing people how to wear things/different ways of wearing things.

They have to be able to take clients brief and interpret it – throwing in a wild card from time to time.

So what’s their advice for staying on top of your craft?

Be you. Personality and a personal touch goes so far in this business. Lots of people can do what you do but no one can be YOU.

To aspiring stylists their words of wisdom are: “Just do it! If you don’t try you don’t achieve. You need to get going and bit by bit your business will evolve.”

Next up to talk about breaking into the Fashion P.R industry was Emma from PUSH PR London.

Emma stressed that it’s not an easy route to go down – it demands hard work, a constant need to prove yourself and yes, sometimes that means working for free. If you’re driven by passion this is expected of you and it won’t be considered a chore.

Again her words of wisdom were, “don’t just take about it, just do it.” Be self-motivated – have a blog, a social media presence and your passion will shine through.

When it comes to tackling interviews in the fashion industry Emma said come prepared to answer these 5 key questions – What are you good at?

– What are your passions?

– What are your career goals?

-What’s your dream job?

– And why you?

Treated to a mini fashion show from Bola Holis and La Cint Designs.

Fashion productive and editorial assistant Debbie from ASOS Magazine.

Debbie love her job at ASOS because she is constantly surrounded by fashion but stressed that to get into a job in fashion you need to do as much work experience as you can possible do – it’s not about the financial gain – it’s about turning yourself into a walking signboard. Make the most of opportunities that can set you apart from others.

Some words of wisdom from Debbie were, “make sure to tailor your C.V and cover letter to who you are applying for. Be specific to that company and that role – what do you love about fashion? -Why are you the best person for the job?

You cannot be vague, you need to show that you know what you’re talking about and are confidant in that area.

Don’t give up. If you have a fashion dream it will shine through and someone will pick up on it. “

Along with Leon Wenham a Fashion Recruitment Advisor we also heard from Nicholas Dex who is the founder of ODF (One Diverse Fashion) clothing and Rip the Runway UK

Nicholas is the extraordinarily talented mastermind behind ODF clothing, ’standing in to stand out’.

Nicholas is also one of the founder’s of ‘Rip the Runway UK’, an independent fashion showcase where fashion and entertainment become one! Nicholas’ advocates a relentless hard work approach that saw him securing the opportunity to showcase at London Fashion Week 2012 and 2013.

His 3 top tips to aspiring fashion designers are: ‘Be creative, innovative and let people know why they should believe in your vision.’

Words: Elizabeth Brogue

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