Hervé Léger is a luxury, high-end designer that produce the most equisetic bandage dresses in a variety of colours, shapes, lengths and styles. In time for the summer season, they have produced some drop dead gorgeous bikinis for those with outstanding body confidence. Although the bikinis are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, they are far from ideal in terms of tan lines this season!

Although one of the must haves this season, Herve Leger have a price range somewhat out of reach to us poor students. This slight problem led me to an internet search to find the high street version. I stumbled across celeboutique.com, a website that offers a cheaper alternative to all things Leger!

 My favourite piece is the white ‘LUSH’ KEVA J WHITE CUT OUT SWIMSUIT. Although possibly not the most convenient for tanning, this swimsuit is gorgeous and will catch everyone’s eye as you strut down the beach… Now all we need is that killer bikini bod!

Words: Milly Green 

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