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After spending a while umming and erring over whether to jump on board with the PJ style shirt trend, I decided to take the plunge. Although every time I saw somebody in one, I couldn’t help but think how cool they looked, I had those ‘could I pull it off?’ doubts, as, let’s be honest, it’s a pretty out there trend. If people actually thought I’d left my house forgetting to change out of my nightwear, I’d probably feel a bit gutted and uncool – not the desired result.

However, after falling in love with this one from H&M (£24), I knew I’d be wearing Pyjama style tops more and more. I can throw it on, and not look or feel like I’ve just rolled out of bed, in fact, I feel quite the opposite, I feel very put together, both classy and cool.

This is a trend which makes styling simple. Being quite a statement piece you can choose to either tone it down or go all out! It looks great simply paired with some black jeans or you can go the extra mile…. there are matching bottoms after all.

A PJ style shirt which, sets the bar for all others, and is beyond stunning, is this Gucci one, at £1,060 it’s definitely an investment piece, but the silk fabric print has the most beautiful colours, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. Of course. you will also get high-end quality buying Gucci.

Personally, I love the loose fit of the PJ shirts, the fabric tends to just skim over the body, ensure you feel comfortable whatever your shape and size, but they’re not too oversized that you’re drowning in a sea of printed fabric. I also love that this style always comes with sleeves, whether full length, or cropped sleeves, they add a smartness and a chic finish, plus they ensure you’re a little warmer – layered with a little cami underneath, PJs shirts make the perfect piece as we transition into Autumn.

Words : @chloeharriets

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