Friends with an ex

I am one to stay friends with an ex. My friends find it weird as they have particular rules that prevent them from staying in contact with their past boyfriends. I however feel that why loose complete contact with someone that was once one of your best friends.

This is how I see it!!!

  1. You meet this random person at the most unexpected time of your life.
  2. You connect on such a level you become infatuated with each other for a period of months or years.
  3. This person knows you on a level not even your best friend would know about. Let’s be honest, sex changes things, you see someone in a different light, you see them at their most vulnerable times in and out of bed. No friend will ever give you the emotional feelings a partner can give weather physical or mental.
  4. Most importantly, if you end amicably. Why not?

I split from my ex a year ago and we are still friends. Even though we didn’t work out together as a partnership we work as a friendship, which is where it all started. So my question is. Why deny that?

There is this person that understands me, knows me, and how I work. They think differently to my friends and lets face it, all friends have their strengths and weakness for different situations. If someone was once your rock, why allow yourself to become rock-less.

With this said, never become dependant on this person, as they are no longer at your beck and call so to speak and will eventually become another women’s rock. Be truthful with each other, use each other for them times you need that talking to but do not confuse friendship with feelings as this is when my friends become correct and being friends with an ex will not work out as planned.

Experience has taught me that you can be friends with an ex and this has been proven as I am friends with three of my ex partners and they are all completely platonic relationships. With the odd fumble along the way! Be truthful to yourself and them and if you do decided to reunite for a night of passion for old times sake, know where you stand and don’t invest in feelings that could get you hurt.

P.S Take in the above with caution, know your relationship situation. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Yours truly,

P x

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