Long Knitted Dress is in vogue this season and is one of the most fashionable dresses types in the current fashion trend. They are extremely soft and comfortable and are ideal for winters as well as summers. This article will discuss some of the popular dresses trends which are occurring at the moment in London.

Long Knitted Dress
Long Knitted Dress

The most popular colour this season is white in a long knitted dress, which is followed by cream, blue, green and pink. The most popular colour combination is lilac and black and they look very trendy.

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Pink and brown are also quite popular and are worn by women. Black and white is yet another very hot colour combination that is slowly making its way to the top of the list. There are many more which include grey, purples, reds, pinks and plaids.

Long Knitted Dress pink
Long Knitted Dress pink

As far as accessories are concerned, you can wear simple accessories which enhance your long knitted dress. As London gears a lot with casual elements, you can select simple cotton or knit cardigan to wear over your dress.


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You can also select a silk scarf to go around your neck. Earrings can be kept simple with earrings made out of Swarovski crystals. You can have a number of different types of earrings like drops, hoops, semi-rimmed, rounded etc.

Long Knitted Dress
Long Knitted Dress

Your long knitted dress can match very well with sandals, flip flops or even flip shoes depending on your individual style. Your dress will look especially chic and sophisticated with a pair of chunky platform heels. If you don’t want to be left out, then you can also try out wedges or high heels.

Jordan Knitted Dress
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If you are looking to buy your long knitted dress, then it would be better to shop from a high-end fashion store. Here, you would be able to pick the right colour that suits your personality.

When shopping online, it is best to check if the store offers discounts or sales. You can also check out if the company has any return policy so that you can get your money back in case the dress does not fit.

Chunky Knit Wrap Jumper Maxi Dress
Chunky Knit Wrap Jumper Maxi Dress @£8.00 krisp.co.uk

It is important that you buy a long knitted dress that is not too tight as it might cause discomfort and make you feel uncomfortable for the whole day. Also do not forget to choose colours and designs that you think will suit your skin tone.

Even if you are a light-skinned woman, it is important that you wear a long knitted dress that is able to hide your extra tan. If you are a dark-skinned woman, then it would be wise to opt for long knitted dresses which will help in bringing out the natural beauty in you.

Long Knitted Dress
Long Knitted Dress

It is very important to consider the colour of the dress before purchasing it.

Rapello Long Knitted Dress Camel

Rapello Long Knitted Dress Camel @£117.00 sisteronline.co.ukMost designers and stores offer discounts and special offers in the event that you make the right decision while buying your dress.

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