Pastel Skinny Jeans is a prevalent trend in London Fashion Week. They are being worn by everyone from the young to the old. The popularity of pastel skinny jeans is rooted in the 1970’s London Fashion Week when they first emerged.

pastel skinny jeans
pastel skinny jeans

Although skinny jeans were worn previously as an alternative to biker boots, they were also seen as a replacement for boots when working women couldn’t afford boots.

Pastel Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans
Pastel Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans @£19.90

There is no denying that skinny jeans are trendy currently and for a good reason. Skinny jeans have always been a great fashion trend. They are comfortable, fashionable and have a much better fit than more traditional styles. It is no wonder that pastel skinny jeans are becoming the must-have trend this season.

RARE Vintage 80's Pastel Peach Guess Jeans Sz 29W
RARE Vintage 80’s Pastel Peach Guess Jeans Sz 29W @£134.60

When it comes to fashion trends, there really are no “trends” but just general ideas. For example, for this year’s Spring/Summer fashion look, you will definitely want to go for the “Livestrong” T-Shirt, which originated out of a charity group called “Livestrong” with pastel skinny jeans.

Purple, orange, pink, red and green are all top colour trends for the season. If you are interested in experimenting with these colours, then make sure you check out some dark coloured tops with pastel skinny jeans. Another trend that isn’t quite as popular as the previous ones are wearing pastel skinny jeans and a basic white or black coloured top.

pastel skinny jeans
pastel skinny jeans

This combination is great for people who want to stand out but not too much. Of course, it is always important to keep in mind that you need to choose the right top when wearing a pastel-coloured outfit.

Amazon Essentials Women's Skinny Jean
Amazon Essentials Women’s Skinny Jean

One of the biggest problems people face with their choice of shoes when wearing pastel-coloured skinny jeans is that the shoes can easily bleed into the top layer. To avoid this, try to choose some nice solid shoes instead.

Tommy Jeans Women's Skinny Jeans
Tommy Jeans Women’s Skinny Jeans

You could also try wearing pastel skinny jeans with a printed top with sneakers, which really brings out a stylish look. For a really funky style, you could team the jeans with a floral print top. These types of tops are quite popular right now and always look chic.

When it comes to accessories, the most common ones include charm bracelets, jewellery and sunglasses. The charm bracelet is a must for anyone wearing pastel skinny jeans because they allow the jean to be a lot more colourful. Jewellery is also recommended because it helps to balance out the outfit.

pastel skinny jeans
pastel skinny jeans

If you’re concerned about finding something stylish and suitable, you could invest in a good pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses will help protect your eyes from bright sunlight, and they are beneficial if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

 Sweet Stuff Pink Cut Out Pattern Hem Skinny Jeans
Sweet Stuff Pink Cut Out Pattern Hem Skinny Jeans @£35

You can buy online branded stylish fitted pastel skinny jeans online stores and offline fashion stores at affordable prices.

Pastel Skinny Jeans
Pastel Skinny Jeans

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