Published on 16th April 2020

Spice up your relationship with Sex Toys! We all love a bit of alone time beneath the sheets, but now that we are in a nationwide lockdown our reality has changed. It is a common misconception to think that sex toys are only for solo play and it is only natural that you may lose that need for hot sex when you are spending the majority of your day at home together. So there is no better opportunity to introduce something new to break up your routine, and you will quickly find that being stuck indoors has never been more exciting.

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Remember that nerves are only natural and using a toy during sex does not mean that there is something missing between you two – it’s simply not true! It only means that you are open to new adventures and are ready to explore unforgettable experiences for yourself and your partner. Still not convinced? How about scientifically proven facts – research shows that women who use sex toys, especially vibrators, have easier and more frequent orgasms. Moreover, orgasms boost the immune system, and we need to stay healthy now more than ever!

If you are intrigued, but not really sure where to start or how to introduce this addition to your relationship, sexual wellness brand LELO has pulled together a few tips and tricks to ease you on your way…

  1. First and most importantly – communication.
    Making sure that you are both on the same page is where it all starts. Maybe your partner never thought about this before, or maybe they did but were too shy? Coming prepared is key, so before you start the conversation, think about why you want to try this with them. Think of the pros to make them interested and assured that this can only bring benefits – more orgasms, more satisfaction! Remember not to rush them as they might also need time to process and think things through. 

  1. Choosing a sex toy.
    Getting a sex toy is fun even on your own, let alone with your partner, especially when you both know what is awaiting afterwards. It is important to listen but also speak your mind – this way will you find the perfect fit for both of you. Whether it’s a couples massager, clitoral stimulator or maybe even a couples ring – you will be surprised at how many combinations are available on the market. It all comes down to what sensation you are both looking for. The more you try, the more you will find out about yourself and each other.
  1. Delivery.
    Now that you can only shop online due to quarantine, it’s actually more convenient when ordering a sex toy – some sites, including LELO, guarantee fully discrete delivery. Just be sure to stick to regulations and avoid contact with the delivery service as much as possible and wash your hands after opening the box. Once you are all safe and sterile, it is time to see what’s inside! You can easily make this a cheeky intimate ritual by opening it together. Check its shape and texture together, share your thoughts – this will help to break the ice and become more comfortable about it.

  1. Playtime.
    All of the preparations are done, so it’s time to have some fun. Here we don’t have much to add, just take it slowly, listen to your body and your partner’s perforations. Explore, stay open-minded, if some of the sex toys are not doing it for you, try other ones. Practice makes perfect, success is guaranteed.

To find out more about LELO visit www.lelo.com 

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