The button-down dress has been a long-standing favourite for women of all ages. This timeless silhouette is worn everywhere – from work and even play to evening occasions. They are comfortable, flattering and look stunning on the majority of women. With so many styles and colours available in both the high street and online, there is no reason why a button-down dress can’t be worn daily. The following guide gives you some basic pointers on how to accessorize and style a button-down dress.

Button Down Midi Length Dress
Button-Down Midi Length Dress @ £13.99

Your dress should have the perfect blend of colours to create the desired effect. The correct colour must be chosen as the wrong colour can throw off the whole outfit’s whole tone and make the wearer look dressed out of proportion. Avoid using too many colours or too few colours, and you will achieve a perfect result. Remember that brighter colours look better when worn with darker garments and darker colours look great with lighter ones.

Cotton Stripe Button Down Strappy Midi Dress with Pockets
Cotton Stripe Button Down Strappy Midi Dress with Pockets @ £13.99

Accessories are an important part of every outfit, but accessories can be very dramatic and look amazing when wearing a button-down dress. Some of the most popular button-down accessories include jewellery, scarves, capes, belts and purses boots.

Martha Button Down 40s Flare Dress
Martha Button Down 40s Flare Dress @ £62.50

When choosing your accessories, it is important to choose ones that complement your dress style and cut. You can use simple accessories to accessorize your dress, such as a thin beaded necklace with a small buckle or a thin square clutch to wear with a plunging neckline. Scarves and brooches also look stunning on button-down dresses, and they can be used as a finishing touch to give a romantic look.

Scarves are a popular accessory for button-down dresses. A plain black or grey scarf looks stunning and can be paired with a simple dress in the same shade.

Superdry Women's Charlotte Button Down Dress
Superdry Women’s Charlotte Button Down Dress @ £22.63 – £28.52

Scarves look especially good with neutral tones such as cream, beige, brown and ivory. They also look good with gold, silver and bronze.

It is important to take your time and decide what design style suits your body type best before you purchase a button-down dress.

Club Monaco Women's Denim Button Front Dress Casual
Club Monaco Women’s Denim Button-Front Dress Casual @ £77.21 – £101.31

Usually, girls with straight or narrow shoulders prefer strapless styles, while those with curvy and fuller figures need to opt for camisoles wide at the top. You can also look great in a halter but make sure that it goes down past your knees to hide your waistline. For a casual look, you can also look good in printed floral prints and stripes.


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The right-hand side of your dress should carry your accessories to the party. This can either be a simple jewelled pashmina or a large colourful handbag. Your hair accessories such as jewellery will also enhance your look when choosing a chic up-do or top.

Elegant Button Down Dress
Elegant Button Down Dress

If you want to look elegant at the office, you can go in a white or black dress and black shoes. Your cardigan should complement the dress, which is normally buttoned up. Your belt should be plain so that it does not draw attention to the buttons of your dress.


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The right accessories can add even more sophistication to your dress. Your shoes should match your dress and your accessories.

 Women Button Long Shirt Dress
Women Button Long Shirt Dress @ US $16.70 – 17.68

For dresses in neutral shades such as cream, beige, brown and beige, you can go for any colour of the shirt. The button down dress looks good with all shirts and with an elegant tie; it looks genius and chic.

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