It’s not surprising that today’s favourite celebrities are sporting chunky sandals as they hit the red carpet for the movie premiere after movie premier.

chunky sandals
chunky sandals

From gowns to prom dresses and prom night outfits, chunky sandals are popping up everywhere! In this article, we’ll explore some of the hottest new styles in this summer’s fashion trends.

Fashion Thirsty Platform Flatforms Heelberry
Fashion Thirsty Platform Flatforms Heelberry

If you’re headed to the red carpet or are stuck for inspiration, look to Hollywood for some inspiration. A super-chic knee-length gown in one of the latest fashion styles will surely be making an appearance.


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With a bulky, sporty look, high heels, and thick, strap-less heels, chunky sandals are not only for off-road days anymore.

IKRUSH Womens Agnes Buckle Chunky Sandals
IKRUSH Womens Agnes Buckle Chunky Sandals

They will also give an urban, slightly grunge update to strappy, floaty, floral-dotted dresses, add a chic twist to white pants, and make any classic short suit feels updated and classy.

LOR Chunky Sandals

If you’re looking for a timeless, sexy look that works with all colours of clothes, try one of the many knee-length dres’ styles in fall and winter that are packing some punch.

Ladies Gladiator Sandals Womens Chunky Sandals Ladies Platform Sandals Cleated Platform Sandals Platform Sandals Womens Chunky Sandals For Women Gladiator Sandals Womens
Ladies Gladiator Sandals Platform Cleated

As the fashion world becomes more influenced by social media, it’s easy to see how a small business owner can take advantage of this platform to get ahead in the latest fashion trend. One great example is that of Karen Millen, owner of Millenand Designs, who has become famous for her trendy post-shared blog.

After sharing photos of her trendy line of clothing with her followers on Instagram, she’s now getting all the attention she can handle, even dating a famous NBA player! The great thing about having a blog is that you can easily promote your business with the photos you share and posts, without the need for a major advertising campaign.

Vintage 90s wooden heel platform sandals
Vintage 90s wooden heel platform sandals @£20.00

One of the hottest looks for fall is a pair of stylish, chunky SII strappy pleated sandals. Sii Strappy Cleated Sandals is similar to the typical ankle boot, but with open toes and a thicker, cork-covered sole. These shoes come in several different styles, including open toe, closed-toe, and wedge.

Women Chunky Sandals
Loud Look Women Chunky Sandals

If you prefer a more neutral look, try the open-toe Sii Strappy Cleated Sandals, with their large, bold print and dark brown suede.

Chunky Leather Gladiator Sandals

To complete your look, wear matching socks, like some cute asymmetrical square toe socks or some skinny, neutral-striped socks.

IKRUSH Womens Ayla Strap Chunky Sandals
IKRUSH Womens Ayla Strap Chunky Sandals

One reason why sandals are so versatile is that they work so well with almost any wardrobe, from casual to elegant. However, if you are looking for a little classier look, a nice pair of chunky heels will be sure to please!

Ankle boots paired with a nice, flat sandal, like the ones that come in the SII Strappy Cleated Sandals collection, will make you look like a runway model.

Fashion Thirsty Heelberry® Ladies Womens Block Mid High Heels Chunky Sandals Open Toe Party Shoes
Fashion Thirsty Heelberry® Ladies Chunky Sandals

Ankle boots aren’t just for the runway anymore. These shoes are making a comeback, with their new, contemporary take on the classic look. Pair a nice, flat sandal with a simple black or brown dress and you’ll look classy, chic, and ultra-put together.

Flatform Sandals Fashion Holiday Lightweight Sandals
Flatform Sandals Fashion Holiday Lightweight Sandals

Ankle boots are perfect for both work and play, making them a must-have for this fall! For a fun, quirky look, try one of the leather, suede, chunky sandals.

Gladiator Platform Women's Sandals 2021 Summer Fashion Women Chunky Beach Sandal
Gladiator Platform Women’s Sandals 2021 Summer Fashion Women Chunky Beach Sandal @£12.28

Although leather is a classic, popular material, leather sandals can also be fun and funky, just like everything else in this season. If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant, go for the Patent Leather Suede Sandals, available in many beautiful colours and styles.

Chunky black sandals

Both men and women will love these sandals because they have a very distinctively suede-like look that looks absolutely fantastic with jeans and casual wear.

Women Chunky Platform Sandals
Women Chunky Platform Sandals @£17.77

Don’t forget to wear your Chunky Sandals with those classic jeans and khakis. You’ll definitely look slimmer in sandals and denim combinations than with any other outfit!

Chunky sandals

There are so many great options for Chunky Sandals this fall! Take a look at the awesome styles and colours this season to really get inspired.

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