The Women’s March was an iconic moment in history. After Donald Trump’s victory as president, fears for women’s rights that great icons have fought vigilantly for, may be ripped away within seconds.

The election was a catalyst for the Women’s March, a global protest against the new President and his attitudes towards women.

An estimated 60,000 to 100,000 women and men marched in the colourful protest last Saturday. It contained a powerful message behind the unity, that us ladies stick together!

Sir Ian McKellen attended with nothing but class, holding a sign of Sir Patrick Stewart with his head in his hands! He shared this post on Facebook:

“He has impacted us all and personally. Some like him, think they can identify with him and believe him because they’ve seen him on television. But he’s riled us, got under our skin making us angry and despairing. He’s started by removing LGBTQ people, climate change and state funding of the arts. He’s had his chance.”

Many Celebrities joined the protest, Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi, Hamilton creator Lin- Manuel Miranda and Actress Rebecca Hall introduced the event at Grosvenor Square.

Even London Mayor Sadiq Khan joined!

(Picture: WENN)

England rugby player Chris Robshaw and partner Camilla Kerslake were seen outside the American Embassy – the starting point of the capital’s march, which finished at Trafalgar Square.

The Women’s March in Washington showed a tremendous attendance, with celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, John Lennon, Drew Barrymore and many more giving speeches in support. Banners and placards displayed powerful messages such as “grab him by the patriarchy” and “Dump Trump.”

This will surely go down as a historical event, and proves that us women don’t go down so easily!

Words: Emily Ralston

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