Today’s #MovieMonday is going back in time to the London Biltz for the latest British wartime drama, Their Finest.

Amor Rating :4/5

The Plot…

Set during the 1940’s when British morale was diminishing during the Blitz, Their Finest follows the story of a young female copywriter tasked with capturing the attention of a nation.

As the Government starts looking for a new way to reach out to the public, the head of the ministry’s film division hires the talented writer Catrin Cole to assist on the production of a wartime propaganda film. With her much-need feminine perspective, Catrin must write the ‘slop’ (the plausible women’s dialogue for female characters) which will rally the nation’s spirits and persuade America that as allies, this war is worth fighting for.

Despite being faced with the challenge of being a female in very much a man’s world, Catrin proves her true talent as she transforms a not so heroic real story into something golden.

While the war rages on and she continues to work alongside the somewhat grumpy head writer, Catrin soon realises it’s not just the nation’s heart she is stealing.

Our thoughts…

With the casting of great actors and a storyline that encaptures the love and true British morale that often continues behind scenes of the devastation, it’s not hard to see why this film is being described as magical.

The characters are loveable from the off-set, with the likes of Bill Nighly delivering the same charm and humour we’ve fallen in love with time and time again in his past movies. Together the cast have managed to create a movie that offers something refreshing and arguable unmissable.

Their Finest will make you laugh, cry and feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you watch Catrin overcome the boundaries of a working woman, fall hopelessly in love and bring a nation together. With plenty heart and without too much cheese, this movie is British brilliance.

The director and cast

Director: Lone Scherfig

Cast: Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Richard E.Grant, Helen McCrory, Jack Huston and Eddie Marsan

12A cert, 1hr 57mins

The trailer

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Words: Rebecca Edwards 

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