Is it too late to say Happy New Year? As this is my first post of 2015, it only seems right! Hope y’all are having a great year so far. May this year bring us even more cheap and cheerful outfits.

This week’s post is kicking off with a bit of white fur, distressed denim, and a limited edition top! Well, it’s not quite limited edition, it just says that on the top. Haha!

I’m a huge fan of statement tops as I find them quirky and playful. They add a bit of fun to any outfit, especially if it says something like, “I had nothing to wear so I put on this t-shirt!” Statement tops also allow you to express yourself through fashion, but in words, like literally! Haha!

This outfit is letting everyone know that I am a limited edition, an individual, and nobody can really be me like me! *flicks hair and twirls*

Fur coat – £1 from the East End Thrift Store.

Limited edition top – £6 from

DIY distressed jeans – £1 from the East End Thrift Store.

Shoes – £14 from Primark

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