A smocked mini dress is a must-have in fashion for the summer. With its popularity is growing, there are more designers who have added this to their collections. In this article, we will be examining some of the best designers who offer these dresses and what trends they offer to make them very popular. Whether you want a dress for a day out or a night on the town, these stylish and casual options are great for almost anyone!

smocked mini dress imageThe most popular colour for this season is definitely black. With blacks now being a more popular and stylish colour than ever, we can see why this is one of the most popular styles to wear this summer. It’s clean-cut and simple lines make it great for almost any occasion whether you choose to go for an elegant business look or a funky rocker style. You can wear this with skinny jeans and skinny boots if that is your look or even pair it with a short and form-fitting pencil skirt and a blouse to work on that daytime look.

smocked mini with boots imageFor some other great options, we can look at funky prints and floral patterns. This trend is certainly not new as we have seen it in the past but with the increase in popularity of floral prints, it is making a comeback. These prints are mostly in shades of pink and have pretty flowers printed all over them. It is probably the most flirty and feminine print available and we can see why so many people are opting to wear them this season. Some of the most popular floral prints are the leopard print and the floral leopard print.

The next popular trend is the accessories that match the basic colour scheme. With more accessories being chosen to compliment the overall look rather than matching it, we can see why this style has become so popular this season. We can choose from various colours such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, silver and a range of earthy colours including gold colours. Even more, accessories can be added to make the outfit even more unique such as sparkly coloured belts, jewellery or even unique footwear.

sparkly coloured belts ImageThe smocked mini dress lends itself very well to accessories, as many people are opting for bold statement pieces such as jewellery. With some simple additions such as a crystal broach or a pair of stiletto heels, you can create a stunning statement. If you are wearing the mini dress to work you can always get your outfit ready in the evening before heading out with friends and have your hair done in a chic updo and finish your evening off with a few stunning high heels.

stiletto heels imageIt is also possible to get this look in all different types of fabrics from lace to silk. Satin is one of the latest fabrics being used to make these dresses and it does give the opportunity to create a huge variety of colours and styles in the accessories worn. Black satin and red are the most popular colours but any other colour such as purple, gold or silver really brings out the accent. Even if you choose to wear accessories that only contrast with the main colour it will still look stunning.

If you are wearing the smocked mini dress to work, you can choose to wear a pair of smart business shoes. This will complete the outfit perfectly as you will have the perfect amount of height and will stand out from the crowd. For something less formal you can wear a simple pair of jeans with a plain white shirt and t-shirt, and you will look just as feminine as the fancy dress version. You can even get a plain ombre print on the top part of the mini-dress to create a stunning look.

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