London based singer, songwriter, and visual artist Sai releases follow-up single entitled ‘High’. Sai sets the scene from the very first tag line of this sultry number, diving headfirst into this deep, yet playful, classic RnB sounding slow jam. Written in the height of sexual exploit, ‘High’ explores the feeling of deep desire, laced with a craving of satisfying someone. Sai blesses our ears with her killer vocals as she effortlessly glides over the chorus in stunning falsetto, sailing back down to reach the lower notes. The production, dark yet dreamy, compliments Sai’s vocals perfectly.

When speaking about the song Sai states “I wanted to write a song about the state of high and the crazy place you are taken to when you do ‘that thing’ with the right person.” Safe to say ‘High’ is straight onto the baby-making playlist!

Be sure to listen to ‘High’ it will undeniably take you on a meditative journey.

Listen to the full song below:

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