Pollution can become an absolute nightmare to the skin, especially when living in cities. According to dermatologists, pollution can cause uneven skin tone, accelerated aging and even skin cancer.

There are so many scientific ways to describe exactly what pollution does to the skin, but in simpler terms, when pollution comes into contact with the skin it doesn’t just lie on the surface, it infiltrates deep down into your pores.

This causes inflammation and dehydration to the skin, as well as the loss of elasticity and firmness causing early ageing. Luckily for you there are ways to reduce the effects of pollution on your skin in some simple steps.

Make sure you clean your face

Keeping your face clean may seem an obvious thing but by simply washing your face every morning and every evening you’re washing away all of the impurities that have laid themselves on your skin.

Keep your skin protected

Not only should we be keeping our skin clean, but we should also be protecting it. Sun screen is a perfect product to help protect our skin from sun damage and pollution damage. Other products that help protect our skin from pollution is a brand called Bioderma.

The effects of Bioderma

With pollution levels rising across the UK, it is more important than ever to take steps to combat the ageing effects pollution can have on our skin. ‘Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Removing Solution’ excellently removes dirt and makeup from the face and eye area leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

The product also combines performance and very high tolerance, the dermatological micellar water and makeup remover gently eliminates impurities whilst soothing irritation and helping to strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film for long-lasting comfort.

RRP £10.50 www.boots.com

After using the Bioderma micellar water, the best product to use is the ‘Bioderma Hydrabio Gel-Crème’. The gel eliminates dead cells, and progressively reducing cornea layer, the skin’s upper layer, salicylic acid equalizes and smoothes the skin’s surface, which lastingly gains radiance.

RRP £15.00 www.boots.com

Keep your skin protected against pollution in this densely polluted environment. You can thank me later!

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