A smocked mini dress is among the trendiest dresses in London fashion week. It is quite popular among women of all ages because of its sophisticated and unique styling. The smocked fabric is often made of cotton or silk. There are many smocked mini dress designs for you to choose from. Each of them has a very distinct look that will surely match your fashion sense.

Smocked Mini Dress
Smocked Mini Dress £55.00

If you wish to wear a smocked mini dress to complement your sophisticated and elegant style, then you have to get ready for a lot of fun and excitement. You can try wearing them with your black leather boots and black skinny jeans. This look is quite popular among young girls and they love wearing them with their favourite accessories.

Women's Black midi tiered smock dress
Women’s Black midi tiered smock dress £34

However, if you want to wear it with your favourite pair of jeans or a plain black dress, then the following tips are most useful for you. It will help you enhance the elegance of your mini skirt and at the same time make you look stylish.


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First of all, you should always remember that it is better to wear a few accessories with your smocked mini skirt to accessorize your look.

Rubey Black Polka Dot Smock Dress
Rubey Black Polka Dot Smock Dress £21

You can use a purse and clutches for example. It will make your look more exciting and stylish.

SMOCKED MINI - Day dress
SMOCKED MINI – Day dress £35.74

Secondly, never skip on your make up because this is also an important fashion accessory. It will simply make you look good. With the right makeup applied, you can enhance the attractiveness of your dress and the whole look will be enhanced. You can also apply a smocked veil if you like to.

Moreover, it is very important to wash your smocked mini dress on a regular basis. In fact, it is recommended to wash it using cold water and a gentle detergent. Avoid using harsh detergents as it may stain your smocked mini skirt. After each washing, allow your mini to dry naturally.

On the other hand, if your smocked mini skirt gets dirty, do not rub it harshly. Simply dab the surface of your mini skirt with a towel to remove excess dirt. Just make sure that you do not rub hard as you may ruin the material of your smocked mini skirt. If you need to iron your mini skirt after using it, use an ironing board instead of your iron. This will prevent discoloration.

Floral Full Mini Skirt with Smocked Waist
Floral Full Mini Skirt with Smocked Waist £17.60

The last thing that you need to do is to accentuate your look by wearing belts. In fact, belts are also perfect accessories to compliment your smocked mini dress. It will simply bring out the best parts of your look. You can also wear a belt over a spaghetti strap top. This will help you balance out your waistline. A belt is also a great way to enhance your shoulders and give your figure a sexy look.

The smocked mini dress is surely one of the trendiest pieces of clothing this season. It can give you an instant appeal and help you enhance your looks. It can also be worn during casual occasions such as weekends or holiday parties. Make sure that you keep your smocked mini dress in good condition. Also, remember to take care of your dress after each wear.

Mini dresses are usually made from cotton, silk or polyester. These materials are not only comfortable but also breathable. When you get too hot, just wipe your dress with a dry cloth or a soft sponge.

If you want your smocked mini dress to last longer, avoid exposing it to extreme heat. When you are wearing a smocked dress, you should avoid wearing tight jeans. You may also try wearing a shirt instead of a skirt. Another great tip for protecting your smocked mini dress is to wear a satin, silk or cotton bra. This will protect your dress from tears and ensure that your dress retains its good looks.

DOLAN Collection Ellie Smocked Mini Skirt

There are a lot of smocked mini dresses available in the market today. So if you are looking for one, you have a big selection to choose from. Try to buy one that will flatter your figure. Choose the right size and color that will suit your taste and personality. Lastly, if you feel comfortable, try it out!

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