The gingham bikini top is one of the most popular styles and colours of bikinis. The gingham look has been around for a long time, but in recent years it has become even more popular than many other styles of bikinis. Gingham bikinis look great with many different accessories and tops. A few of the top looks good with gingham bikinis include:


gingham bikini top
VICHY gingham bikini Bottom @ €13.00 etam

The colour gingham is extremely popular, but you need to choose your colour correctly. If you choose the wrong colour, the outfit can look too busy, and it will look out of place. Some of the colours that look great with gingham are navy blue, charcoal and grey. These colours all stand out and give an edge to the outfit.

Gingham bikinis are incredibly easy to team up with with different types of clothing. For example, you can wear a navy blue bib and pair it with a plain top that has some pattern on it. You can team a bold red bikini top with a gingham top and pair it with jeans. This combination looks great because the bold colours are much less noticeable when worn together. However, it also gives the illusion that the top is not gingham.

gingham bikini with strips
Black Gingham with strips @ £121.60 bikini culture

As well as pairing colours like black and red, gingham looks good with many other solid colours. For example, the gingham looks good with patterns like polka dots and stripes. It looks good in solid colours like grey or blue. For those colours that do not contrast, such as light blue or white, gingham can look very stylish because it draws the eye away from the eyes and towards the accessories.

Hurley Women's W Q/D Gingham Surf Bottom Bikini Bottoms
Hurley Women’s W Q/D Gingham Surf Bottom Bikini Bottoms @ £41.69

Gingham also looks good with other styles of bikini. It looks especially good on low rise bottoms. The colours of gingham make it ideal for this style of top. Another style of top that gingham goes well with is the ruched bikini cut. These cuts are often higher at the front and lower in the back. Gingham fits in well with ruched styles.

FLORAL PATTERN gingham bikini
Floral Pattern gingham bikini @ £38.00

In terms of accessories, gingham is ideal with accessories that have some floral pattern to them. As the colours of the gingham are more natural, it looks especially good with frills or fringed pieces of jewellery. For example, it looks great with a silver bangle bracelet or a silver chain.

gingham bikni dark colour
Shirred High Leg Bikini @ £14

Although gingham does look good with all sorts of clothes and accessories, it looks especially good with the types of fabrics that are darker in colour. Darker colours will give the gingham a richer effect. This makes gingham a good fit for things like denim trousers and khakis. For those who prefer wearing lighter colours, gingham can look great with light coloured tops.

bikini halter neck
Azure Padded Halter Bikini Top – Black @ £27

The styles of gingham bikinis are all pretty similar. There are the basic designs where the bottom part of the bikini is simply a strip of gingham material, with one or two attached strings that tie around the middle of the top. There are also designs that go from top to bottom and around the bikini top. You can also find styles that are halter neck and are tie back. These types are especially popular with women who want to show off the tattoo design on their lower back.

Red Tie Bikini Bottoms @ £6.00

If you are planning to buy gingham for the first time, you may be worried about how different types look so closely. The good news is that there are many different types of gingham to choose from. You can get gingham with printed patterns, bold reds, pinks and blues. Different colours can represent different moods for different occasions. You might consider buying gingham with printed flowers or animal prints for a fun, casual day out on the beach.

You can buy gingham accessories to add to your outfit. If you are buying a gingham bikini, you can use gingham wrap skirts, gingham bikinis or even a gingham skirt to create a layered look. Gingham shirts look best worn with a pair of skinny jeans, preferably dark coloured ones in solid colours. You can accentuate your legs with gingham runners or a gingham skirt. If you are wearing gingham pants, make sure they are darker colours such as black or navy so that they don’t stand out too much.

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