The skater skirts in Black, Red and Pink are the most sought after fashion accessories this season. It is amazing how these three colour combinations have grown to become so popular and stylish amongst women of all ages and backgrounds. The fashion world has now turned its attention to skater skirts and the accessories that come in conjunction with them. Listed below are some of the most popular trends for skater skirts and accessories in London this year.

Black Skater Skirts
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The first thing that people will notice about skirts and other clothing accessories in the fashion industry is that they are based on top trends. Black continues to be the most popular colour combination and continues to be the first choice for many women. Pink and red are also growing in popularity due to their bright, eye-catching and extremely pretty colours. As, well as these popular colours, the other popular colour combinations are equally attractive. One of the most popular colour combinations is Black and White, which include the ever-popular Sky Blue.

Pleated Skater Mini Skirts
Pleated Skater Mini Skirts @ £6.99

The second most popular trend is that of skater hats. This accessory, which also goes by the name skater hats’ has been a very popular fashion trend for several seasons now. These hats can come in many different styles including flat black designs, banded designs, and even fashionable baseball caps. Another popular trend is that of skater scarves. Skater scarves are extremely popular accessories for women this summer and are often worn with skater skirts or other clothing items such as tank tops.

Thrasher Magazine Rainbow Mag Snapback Hat White
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The third and fourth most popular trends are those of footwear and jackets. One of the more popular choices is that of skater boots, which can come in various colours and designs. Another trend is that of fashionable shoes, which includes brands such as Kate Spade, Tom Ford and more. The most fashionable footwear often goes hand in hand with jackets, while jackets are usually seen with a pair of black shoes.

black skater skirt with belt
black skater skirt with belt @ £14.99

Other trends include those that involve accessories. One of the most popular trends is that of accessories such as belts, which go from casual to formal. Belts are not only made out of materials such as rope and chain; there are also those that are made out of lace and other materials. The fourth most popular trend is that of jewellery. This includes the ever-popular Pandora jewellery, which is a unique take on the traditional charm bracelet.Pandora 19cm Genuine Sterling Silver Bracelet These are only a few of the numerous trends that make up the world of skater skirts this year. Each season trends change slightly, but no matter what a skater wears there is always a new trend. Many skaters even try to combine two or three different skater trends so they can have something that is unique and new this year. The hardest part about following these trends though is that you sometimes have to buy quite a few different pieces of skater gear in order to keep up with them.

If you are one of those people that like to buy several different pieces of clothing, including coats, pants, skirts, and jewellery then you may want to start looking for some skater skirts in solid colours this year. This way you can wear your jacket and pants with a skirt and have everything match. You could also buy the jewellery separately and combine the whole outfit, or you could just buy a plain skater jacket and skirt and let it match the colours of the pants.

There are many ways that you can style skater skirts. They come in a variety of styles and colours and can be coordinated with any type of outfit you own. A light coloured skater jacket and skirt should be paired with a dark coloured pair of skater boots and vice versa. Black can look terrific with a wide variety of colours, including purple, blue, green, pink, yellow, white, fuchsia, and many more. So make sure to keep your eyes open this winter season if you want to have a unique style for skating.

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