Women’s belted coat is a great choice for women who want to stay in style during the spring and summer seasons. The coat itself is flattering and often flattering to women of all sizes, especially to women with a smaller body frame.

Daily Ritual Women's Wool Belted Coat
Daily Ritual Women’s Wool Belted Coat @ amazon.co.uk

This is also because women who own a women’s belted coat are often considered stylish, which is always a positive way to view the style and appearance of the wearer. Here are some popular colour trends for the spring and summer seasons.

Orange is one of the most popular colours this year. It has been used in traditional outfits and fashion trends, which means that women with a bolder colour taste are sure to be at the forefront of fashion this season. There are many ways to incorporate orange into your wardrobe, but the most popular way to incorporate the colour is to create layered looks.

Women's Trench Belted Coat
Women’s Trench Belted Coat @ www.amazon.co.uk

Worn in light combinations like white-and-black or white-and-red, the colour looks good when worn as outerwear and ideal for layering. The colours look best when they are worn together but can also look great when worn separately, creating the appearance of layers.

For instance, the light combination of shades worn together on the coat looks good because of how the different hues compliment each other and because it is not as bright as you might think. You could wear one shade for a crisp autumn day look and another shade for an extra vintage look.

Women's Belted Coat
Women’s Belted Coat @ amazon.co.uk

Yellow is a popular choice for men. However, women are drawn to it for their leisurewear. When layered over black, it creates a bolder look, but when worn alone, it works well.

Ladies Italian Trench Long Coat Waterfall Duster Cape Belted Cardigan @ £14.99 amazon.co.uk.

A lot of yellow looks good together with pink, which is popular amongst young women. Pink also works well with brown and light blue, again making it a popular colour for layering.

The colour brown works very well with many women’s clothing brands, and when layered, it gives a laid-back, casual style to any outfit. It gives an aged look, but also freshness. It is also quite popular for women’s winter wear as layered, brown-and-white designs look good. However, there are many more ways than just brown to wear this colour, and it is up to you to decide what kind of effect you want to create.

Topshop Petite Manhattan Belted Coat
Topshop Petite Manhattan Belted Coat @£36 next.co.uk

The colour blue is often used on dresses, but it can be adapted for other items. It is more formal than brown, so many would consider it more appropriate for evening wear. It can even be layered on a jacket to give a more formal, business-like look.

Women's Belted Coat
Women’s Belted Coat @ £202.16 etsy.com

Blue is ubiquitous among many younger generations, so many may associate it with hip hop culture. However, this colour has been around for so long; it has also become much more mainstream, so you can wear it to work, school, and just about any place you go.


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Pink has always been known as a little girl’s favourite colour, so it comes as no surprise that many women wear it too. It can be mixed with other colours too, to give a funky look that is both feminine and fun. It doesn’t have to be restricted to the fairer sex either. In fact, men also like to have some pink in their wardrobes, and many of them will match a pink shirt with a tie for a very edgy look.


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Black is a classic colour and is often associated with professionalism, making it more appropriate for business than social occasions. It can look exquisite and stylish, though, so if you are thinking of buying a women’s belted coat, you can bet that it will fit right in with your work image too.

APTRO Womens Coats Winter Long Casual Toggle Outerwear Double Breasted Wool Coat #2
APTRO Womens Coats Winter Long Casual Toggle Outerwear Double Breasted Wool Coat #2 amazon.co.uk

For women, black always looks slimming and can be accessorised with jewellery to create a sleek look.


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Belted coats can be worn with almost anything, though, so feel free to mix and match your outfits with other items of clothing too. The choice is huge, and there are plenty of options available.

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