Planning a  wedding is said to be one of the most stressful tasks in life but imagine flying miles away to an unknown land with a dream but no clue?

Here at Amor, we’ve teamed up with our friends Sainbury’s Bank to help get you started on making your vision come to life:

1. Secure your residency.

With most countries you’ll need to have residency of a certain amount of days in order to wed on their soil. For instance France requires that you hold a residency of 40 days; where as Vegas, is Vegas!

2.Questions. Questions. Questions.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination you don’t want many – if any – loose ends hanging around. Make sure to ask as many questions (even the stupid one’s) because you’re in a unfamiliar place and turning back is just as costly. Also make sure that you have everything confirmed in writing, so that if someone doesn’t keep their word you have proof to take legal action.

3. The world is yours.

Within reason obviously. You have 7 continents and 195 countries to choose from. You can pick a beach in the Caribbean or  a Gondala in Venice. Perhaps the location holds sentimental value to you or your spouse but  it’s always best to visit the location before-hand, to get a feel of the atmosphere, people etc.

4. Pick your season with care.

Not to get all science-y but the earth’s axis and orbit around the sun has an integral effect on every countries environment. Just because your summers are blazing hot, doesn’t negate that summers everywhere else are going to be the same. Do your research on the locations weather history because although rain is the worst, a hurricane might be a little higher up on the “Oh,****” scale.

5. Keep a tight budget.

When organising a destination wedding, you’re not just paying for the wedding you’re paying for hotels, flights, visa’s, travel. If anything, the wedding day is the last thing you’ll end up paying for. So a budget will help you prioritize and stop you from feeling lost at sea.

Overall, destination weddings are perceived as the most romantic but they aren’t to be taken lightly. However if you are thinking of making your day extra special, send us some pics to @amormagazineuk. We’d love to see them.

Find out more from our friends Sainsbury’s Bank here.

Written By Siane Mullings

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