Relaxation. So many of us cry about being overworked and being overtired, but how many of us actually make time in the morning, evening or any free part of our day to take some time out and relax? How many of us have a cut off time in which we solely relax before we go to bed? How many of you can honestly say that you feel relaxed right now? I can almost certainly guarantee, not a lot of you.

You see, we live in an age in which technology has dawned and in it’s dawn, it has sped up a lot of the every day mundane tasks, which in turn has somehow equated to our lives being sped up.

Nearly every person I speak to is always on the go, always busy or always about to go and do something. They’re never just sitting around doing nothing and taking time out for themselves.

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As humans we overwork ourselves. We all want to achieve, be successful, find love and be able to make the perfect avocado on toast and post it to Instagram. We all want to DO things and in wanting to do things we forget to take time out and in forgetting to take the time out we are forgetting to take the time to breathe.

Taking time out from daily activities and a busy lifestyle is imperative and essential to a healthy brain, mind, body and soul. Overwork yourself until to the next of never and all you’ll do is ruin your psyche and burn yourself out. 

Relaxation is so important and finding the time to relax is the key to a well balanced mind, body and soul. We all need to remember to take the time to refuel, refresh and relax…trust me, your mind and body will love you better for it. 

Words: Heather Chambers

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