Global business woman, volunteer and female empower-er. This week’s #WCW focuses on Round Table Global founder Tiffany Kelly.

After working in learning development for 17 years and travelling Asia opening up offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok and managing teams in China and Japan. Tiffany decided to go it alone after being at her previous job for 10 years.

“Even though I was an expat I found it easier to open doors, I found women are less empowered than men in Asia so the setting up of Round Table came from my desire to bring more empowerment and leadership for women in organisations.”

Round Table was launched in March 2015 with three main global goals; educational innovation, empowering everyone and environmental rejuvenation.

“Working around inclusivity and equality not just in terms of women’s empowerment but in terms of inclusion and really making sure that knowledge resources and opportunities are available to everybody regardless of what background and where they are in the world.”

Whilst taking the plunge into starting her own business, Tiffany was also battling a paralyzing fear of public speaking. “I could facilitate and work in groups, but put me on stage and all the words would go out of my head, my knees would knock, I literally couldn’t do it.”

She refused to let that get her down, after deciding she had a message to get out there she faced her fear got on stage at Ted Talks. “I was really nervous about doing it but because I set that intention I was going to stand up and speak as I was so passionate about it”

“I think the thing it is was a realisation I wasn’t frightened of public speaking, but that I didn’t have something interest or something I was passionate about. As soon as I found my purpose and what I loved doing, it became easier. I knew when I stood up on that stage and spoke with integrity and authority the people would want to listen.”

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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