I have always had plump lips but of course as I’ve gotten older the collagen in my lips has decreased. After winning a Voucher at a Charity event at Oui Boutique, I booked an appointment to see about having my lips pumped up.
We spoke about how I wanted it to look natural but full to balance out my face, Jan and I spoke about the few options of fill I could have.

In the end I decided on Volbella, as I thought this sounded perfect for me. It is a little bit more expensive but lasts a lot longer!



Volbella® with Lidocaine is the latest product from Allergan, the manufacturers of the Juvéderm range of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Volbella is specially designed to give a natural-looking lip augmentation without swelling.

As well as adding volume to the lip itself, Volbella® can be used to define the lip’s contours and smooth away the fine lines, commonly called smoker’s lines, that fan out around the mouth.

Designed using Allergan’s innovative Vycross technology, Volbella®’s special formulation means more effective cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid. The result is that Volbella is able to use a lesser concentration of HA than other dermal fillers but with the same effect. So you get less swelling but the same great results. The addition of the anesthetic Lidocaine makes for as pain-free a treatment as possible.

Duration is also a key consideration for patients; recent studies have also shown that Volbella is the only dermal filler clinically proven to last up to 12 months in the lips.

When applying the numbing cream prior, I didn’t feel a thing, which was fantastic! Maybe it depends on one’s pain threshold.  I’m used to running around in shoes too small or  tight clothing, so I’m used to pain I guess!

The instant full effect looked great, they soften off within a few hours, they did puff up a little with a tiny bruise but I was happy!

Less than a week later I am still happy with the effect! The swelling happened for a couple of hours (more due to my optician accidently knocking them when I had my eyes re-tested).

I highly recommend The Harpenden skin clinic because they are so professional. It is best to avoid salons, or back street cheaper surgeons, because although it is cheaper I think it is important to do all the research needed because it is your face!


Since having my lips done my confidence of my side profile has improved so I’m really happy, my lips will last up to 12 month too. I’ve already booked in advance for next year!

If you’re not one for surgery or you are looking for a cheaper way to get the same effects, you can buy lip-gloss such as Soap & Glory Super-Colour Sexy Mother Pucker or the BareMinerals Buxom Lips. These lip-glosses have a product in them that causes the lip to inflate and give the effect of botox, they do come with a slight sting but you do see the difference. If you’re more focused on more natural ways of creating the illusion of bigger lips, you can easily do this with a lip pencil; out lining the lip can make them look fuller!


Soap & Glory Super-Colour Sexy Mother Pucker.


BareMinerals Buxom Lips.

If you do decided to go the surgical route, check your wallet and always do your homework before you go!


Words by:  Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Fossy Meade

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