This article is going to be based on the transformation I have observed from our female rap diva Nicki Minaj! Since every one is thinking about it, I thought I could reveal a few observations.



(Huge transformation!) 

I am a huge fan of Nicki and I’ve been following and researching her for a while regarding her trends, style and her wacky hairstyles. We all know Nicki Minaj, mostly for her spontaneous clothing choices, from her animal print jumpsuits, color blocking bralette and bottoms to her neon colored Afro’s! All of this makes Nicki Minaj who we know her to be (CRAZY).

But recently I have noticed a transition in her clothing approach. She has recently taken a more elegant simple approach for her casual wear.

I completely adore this neon yellow and green dress with stripes of black and green.

Not just for the reason that yellow is my all time favorite color, but the way Nicki carries herself in this photo with her long blonde hair sliding down the front of her face really does show to us as her fans that she does also have a more classic, reserved side to herself and may want to take a break from her wild side from time to time (not that we don’t love her for that!)

Words: Folasade Johnson 

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