You might have seen people wearing Buffalo platform shoes without even realizing it. These are the sneakers that many athletes and celebrities are wearing in popular sports events such as basketball, football, tennis and even soccer.

Buffalo boots

They are also one of the most popular choices among fashionistas due to their versatile and trendy designs and affordable prices.

Buffalo Womens 1339-14 2.0 Platforms Shoes
Buffalo Womens 1339-14 2.0 Platforms Shoes Gold

However, before you purchase any pair on impulse, you might want to ask yourself these questions to make sure that you will love and enjoy wearing them for a long time.

Buffalo Womens 1339-14 2.0 Platforms Shoes Black
Buffalo Womens 1339-14 2.0 Platforms Shoes Black

Knowing what kind of trends are happening in the world of fashion and what looks good with which footwear can definitely help you decide which style is right for you. You also have to determine if the Buffalo platform shoes you are about to buy go well with your current attire.


Buffalo London 1339-14 2.0 Nappa Womens Platform Trainers
Buffalo London 1339-14 2.0 Platform Trainers

The main feature that people love most about the platform type of shoes is that they are made from a flexible but tough rubber sole. This is what makes it different from traditional sneakers. They also come in different styles and colours, and some even have embellishments or add-ons that can make them look more fashionable and trendier.


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The most popular colours that platform shoes are available to include grey, red, blue, black, white and pink. However, some are available in traditional black, grey and brown colours as well.

Buffalo London 1348-14 2.0, Women’s Low-Top Sneakers
Buffalo London 1348-14 2.0, Women’s Low-Top Sneakers

Apart from being stylish and trendy, Buffalo platform footwear also happens to be one of the most comfortable footwear available.

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As you can see, they do not restrict your movement. In fact, when you move around in your platform sneakers, you will find that they do not restrict your movements at all. Unlike other types of sneakers where you will feel restricted by the foot’s shape, you will actually find that walking on the platform gives you a nice feel. For this reason, many people prefer this kind of footwear.

And the good thing is that trends keep changing every season, meaning that today you might want something different compared to what was on the catwalks just a few months before.

Buffalo Chaussures London Platform
Buffalo Chaussures London Platform

As mentioned above, you will find that these platform shoes have a different design than other brands. For example, some of them are not made using the stacked heel but have platforms stitched directly into the foot. Others are made using a tongue and groove system.

New Buffalo Classic Boots

The tongue and groove system is used to add a certain comfort level and style to the footwear, but they tend to cause some discomfort to the person wearing them. You can use any colour platforms, but the most popular ones are in black or red, for example.

ROXY Women's Sheilahh Slip on Platform Sneaker
ROXY Women’s Sheilahh Platform Sneaker

The thing with platform shoes is that they are trendy when it comes to the spring seasons. This is because you will find that the weather is warmer and the heels are not too high.


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This makes it easier for people to walk around without any problem, and in fact, you might not even notice how comfortable they are until you try them on.

Rare Buffalo Platform Boots. Uk 4 EU 37
Rare Buffalo Platform Boots @£220.00

Many celebrities wear platform boots, which makes them even more popular during the spring season.

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One of the best celebrities for platform shoes is Rihanna, who looks great in them and looks better on her feet compared to other styles of footwear.

Womens High Wedge Heel Ankle Boot Platform Zipper Black Party Shoes Boots
Womens High Wedge Heel Ankle Boot Platform Zipper Black Party Shoes Boots

Of course, one of the most important trends for platform shoes right now is that they are not as expensive as you think. When it comes to shopping, you should always look at the best deals possible, and when it comes to footwear, you can never go wrong with Buffalo platform shoes.

Blanco High-Top Platform Sneaker

These are relatively cheap, so you can afford to buy a pair. Of course, you should not just opt for the cheaper brands because some excellent brands are made using the best materials possible. You should look carefully at the kind of materials used so that you get something that will last for a long time.

Rare 90s Platform Buffalo Loafers Black
Rare 90s Platform Buffalo Loafers Black @ £280.00

Another thing that makes Buffalo platform shoes a popular choice is that they are extremely comfortable to wear. They are not made with a rigid design like many other footwear brands, which makes them very attractive to women.

Buffalo London

If you are looking for a style that you can wear all the time, then these shoes might be a perfect choice. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it is easy to stick with your favourite for a long time.

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