Abi Flynn is a UK singer and self proclaimed Artist of Heart. With her radiant, soulful voice that weaves it’s golden tones through influences of soul, jazz and Rnb, Abi’s music ignites something deeper in the heart of the listener. Having recently traveled to her own depths during a 2 year cancer and self-healing journey which was quickly followed by an intense initiation into motherhood, Abi ’s renewed sense of artistry serves to alchemise challenge and celebrate the full spectrum of the human experience.

After previously being signed to Tru Thoughts Records and enjoying a successful music career as a featuring artist, supporting the likes of Roy Ayres, George Clinton/Parliament and Soul II Soul, it was her dance with death that catalysed her solo career and gave Rise to her explosive forthcoming EP, ’Get Deep’. We caught up with Abi Flynn and found out the top 5 songs that have influenced her musically.

Find out more below:

Free your dreams

I love the percussive aspects and uplifting world instrumentation. It’s a live session so there’s a real sense of community and celebration in this track and the message is right up my street!


I’m a huge Hiatus Kaiyote and Nai Palm fam generally, and  just love the lazy, medlodic, harmonic vibe of this song. Nai’s voice is so rich and dreamy, the harmonies are lush. The build of the song gives me goosebumps. The lyrics are also incredibly deep and inspiring.


I had to get a Stevie song in here and this one is dreamy. The jazzy inversions and melody that both satisfied the senses and keeps you second guessing. The story which takes you on a journey of softening to a beautiful dream of love and connection. The epic key change which ignited every happy thought ever! Haha.

Tell me

Rohey are a band I discovered later in my Cancer journey. This track blew me away, big time. The depth, the emotion. The amazing double time brush drum feel. Rohey’s voice is so rich, so effortlessly captivating. It takes you to another world. Simple and stunning.

I can’t help it

An absolute classic from michael Jackson, written by Stevie wonder. I think it’s the melody and clever chord sequence which sets this song apart from other classics of the time. It makes me feel so loved up and it is SO groovy and interesting. I love to sing it, the melody bounces around in such a dreamy way and it is a joy to scat over!

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