Primark has released a new eyeshadow palette called ‘Amber’, and people are going crazy for it. That is a dupe of the Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat’ palette. Being the eyeshadow obsessed person that I am, it would be rude not to make this purchase.  Amber retails at £35.50 cheaper than Heat, on sale at a minor £4.

The product’s packaging is very similar to the ‘Naked Heat’ with its red and orange aesthetic, the only difference is that ‘Naked Heat’ has a built-in mirror, a brush, 12 colours and costs £35.50 more!

The Amber palette has 10 colours, Marshmallow, Cream, Mirage, Saffron, Tuscany, Burnt Amber, Tan, Persian Rose, Spice, and Rust. These are shades that range from a pale, light shimmer to orange/red, and then purple. For the small price tag, I wasn’t expecting much from this product in terms of its pigment, durability and blending ability.

However, when I swatched all of the colours on my skin I was immediately shocked by the pigment from each and every one of them.

I chose to spay some setting spray on my brush before I applied the shades (which, in my opinion, ALWAYS works wonders) and the colours were incredible. Throughout the day, my eyeshadow remained pristine and vibrant.  I especially loved the Burnt Amber shade, which is an orange tone, it blends perfectly with Saffron to create a warm eye. The Marshmallow shade is best for in the corners of the eyes and the arch of the brows for a bit of highlight.

I couldn’t recommend this palette more; it is completely affordable and provides exactly the same pigments as a palette that is 8 times the price as this one. I highly suggest that people give this palette a shot, ignore the fact that the brand is Primark; it is just as good as some of the higher brands.

Written by Emma Humphryson

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