King Cook Daily is a London based cook with a no-nonsense attitude towards food. His flair for creating what he calls “the good stuff” certainly leaves consumers craving more! Having worked in the catering industry since the mid-90s and having cooked professionally for 13 years, King is a well-rounded cook and runs a street food eatery in the heart of East London. Coming from a family of chefs, it seemed inevitable that King would develop an interest in food – however he once aspired to be an astronaut! But that “wasn’t meant to be” and following his studies, he went on to become a talented, well-respected cook. King has worked at various establishments from Gastro Pubs to 5-star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants! King takes his influence from his South East Asian heritage and from the diversity of modern urban living.
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Jane Placca achieved a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine, and is a full member of NIMH, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists; she practices in Manchester and will shortly have a clinic in Southwark, London.
Jane originally learned about herbal medicine from her grandmother and followed the Lancashire herbal tradition, working with local herbal remedies. Jane’s professional medical training and clinical experience informed her about the importance of diet and safely using herbs that can support our bodies and rebalance our health.
Jane worked with traditional healers in Lesotho, producing and distributing herbal tinctures and Aloe skincare products; she has also practiced herbal medicine in Brasil.
She is currently involved with research into the efficacy of medicinal mushrooms in supporting the immune system at local community gardening projects and is supported by Manchester University’s Innovation Centre. Contact her for an informal talk, clinical appointment, home visit or a Skype consultation. Jane Placca. BSc (Hons) MNIMH
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BITCHY ONLINE LAUNCHING SUMMER 2014 The Streets is now sponsoring a new crazy blog called Bitchy-OnlineUK! Bitchy-Online UK is a gossip blog, covering everything about young women! The blog features Bitcharazzi (celeb gossip), sports, music, fashion/beauty, lifestyle and real life stories (advice column). The name “Bitch” is usually used to degrade women, therefore the movement’s goal is to own the word instead of allowing it to just be used against us. Bitchy-Online UK offers the opportunity to speak up, gossip, help each other out by have a say! For more enquiries on being a part of the team, make sure you email the fun movement at: [email protected]

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Since switching on and turning up in 2011, Reprezent 107.3FM has become a fast-rising force on London’s radio airwaves ! Reprezent 107.3FM broadcasts across the capital to young Londoners and across the world online. Reprezent 107.3FM is proud to be the only radio station in the UK that is fully presented by young people under the age of 25. Most of us are under 20. Reprezent 107.3FM plays music from artists and DJ’s that are considered the leaders of the underground, but we like to spin the occasional big hitters! Our playlist is always 3 steps ahead. It’s not just about the music though, Reprezent 107.3FM actively campaigns on a range of issues affecting young people, whether its domestic violence, unemployment or global current affairs, we like to get involved and inform. Youth culture, young opinion and the youngest voices on your radio.

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We are delighted to be affiliated with a company that embraces all types of women that are daring, confident and sassy! We love the variety of different backgrounds of the models, something Amor has always been passionate about. Vixen Tresses UK was established in 2013 by two sisters and has seen rapid growth in it’s first year.

Their Motto, ‘Reveal The Vixen In You’ focuses on the aim to bring out the sex appeal and fierceness in every one of their customers. They pride ourselves in providing an experience and building genuine lasting relationships with clients, relying on the quality of their hair to do the talking!

What distinguishes them from competition primarily is their Branding and their Customer Service. They do things differently, they cater to the bold, fearless individual. From the unique packaging to the variety of different models, It is made clear that Vixen Tresses UK is for the daring modern woman who wants to  experiment and have fun.

Vixen Tresses UK gives a refreshing edge to the hair industry by enabling their customers to choose pre-coloured hair as well as natural hair colours. They aim to celebrate differences & promote individuality in their customers.

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