Denim? Makin’ you look like a diva? Most of you would say “Ha, yeah right”. However, if you look close enough you’d see this forgotten fabric is back with a BANG this spring. If watching Rihanna wear a vintage Sean John denim jacket in her new video wasn’t inspiring enough then your damn right strange.

Sometimes denim can appear to be frumpy, ill-fitting, scruffy or even ugly to some, but to me, well these desciprtions are wrong for a whole lotta reasons. Either you’ve not styled it right, you’ve gone too over-sized or you just seriously don’t suit vintage denim. And you know what, there’s no shame in that. Denim can be for everyone, but in our own unique ways. I’m not saying that everyone should watch Rihanna’s video, grab their dads old denim jacket and throw on a belt, but you should consider the positive effect some good denim can bring to your wardrobe. As afterall denim is easily transferable, easy to throw on and translates time after time.

This article aims to show us women that you can rock that denim shirt and jean combo, you can wear a denim patch work coat, and you can wear denim mules. As afterall if we’re not creative with our fashion then where can we be? Wear what makes you happy, and you know what, even if it’s just some high waisted skinnys or low rise boot-cuts, then go for it. As long as you feel fierce then It’ll shine on through. And that my friends is what makes you a denim diva.

Fierce denim divas

Rihanna and ‘that jacket’.

Tip: Belted clothing creates a cinched in waist

Beyonce and the denim short shorts. 

-Available in all retail outlets

Tip: for Winter, wear with tights

Double denim diva, Chrissy Teigan

-Tip: Wear with skinny fit denim for colder days

  The Blogger denim inspo

A Patchwork coat of dreams

-Tip: Wear with leather pants for an updated edge.

Credit to: Sophie Louise Milner,

Dressed down denim Fridays, What I wore

Emma L Ryan

Denim treats


Vivienne Westwood, £275.00


New Look, £26.99

And for more denim inspo, hit up Hailey Baldwin’s instagram, as the new face of Topshop denim-


Written by: Emma L

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