Releasing his first single of 2015, ‘She Said’ the Somewhere in Shoreditch rapper Alista Marq has teamed up with producer Nastylgia for the second time. Together Alista and Nastylgia have been able to create great music, after working together last year on a song entitled “Six Feet”. It is of no surprise why Alista Marq enlisted the help of Nastylgia for this unnaturalised beat, a sound that fans of Alista Marq are not used to.

She Said depicts the ideology of falling in love, it’s the classic Bonnie and Clyde story knowing the person is bad for you, but you can’t keep yourself away. She said also address issues that exist within sub cultures from materialism to false hopes.

Alista Marq is steadily constructing a path way for himself which will lead up to the release of his first official body of work Somewhere in Shoreditch.

Alista Marq Soundcloud: Alista Marq Twitter: @AlistaMarq

Alista Marq Instagram: @AlistaMarq

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